13 Sept 2022

Putin Forgets That In Winter Russians Can Walk To A NATO Country

Fascist Dictator Putin Uses Ethnic Minorities As Cannon Fodder

If you have been following Putin's invasion of Ukraine, you will see he prefers to use non-white Russian soldiers. 'It’s the dirty secret of the Russian military: Russia’s peripheral subjects—Buryats, Dagestanis, Tuvans—are Putin’s cannon fodder'. The West must now fund and equip underground democracy movements in Russia to bring this war criminal to justice.

Putin said if Ukraine joins NATO it makes a nuclear war likely.


The threats Putin makes in this video about NATO is pure propaganda. The distance between Russia and Alaska (part of the US) is just 55 miles. However there are 2 islands in the Bering Strait one part of Russia, one part of the US that are only 2.5 miles apart. In Winter people can walk across ice from one to the other. This has not caused a nuclear war.

Russia sold Alaska, Americas largest state to the US in 1867 for $7.2 million US dollars. Putin must realize how stupid Russia was for that deal given the oil, gold and diamond reserves in Alaska are thousands of times more valuable. The strategic value is phenomenal, having a NATO country so close to Russia, North Korea and Communist China. These countries form the 'Axis of Personality Cult Dictatorships'.


Buying Alaska proves how clever and forward thinking the US really is. Today the thing dragging the US back into stupidity is corrupt, dim-wit Donald Trump. Remember his bellicose 'we gonna build a wall and Mexico will pay for it'? They built a bit of wall, Mexico paid nothing and Trump cronies like Bannon are on trial for stealing some of the crowd-funded donations to build the wall. Trump is trying to create a 'Personality Cult Dictatorship' in the US.

Remember Trumps 'lock her up' as he bullied Hillary Clinton over having her own email address? Big crime eh having an extra email address WTF. Trump has defrauded the US Internal Revenue Service over fake tax returns, stolen highly classified documents potentially to sell to a foreign power AND launched a coup against the US government. Who do you think should be locked-up?

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