9 Sept 2022

Tasmania Celebrates Anti-Protest Win With A Foreign King And Queen

 Tasmania is not a democracy it just pretends to be.

Queen of Tasmania - genocide island

Within hours of Guy Barnett celebrating the passing of his totalitarian anti-protest laws, Queen Elizabeth was dead and Tasmania had a new King and Queen on the other side of the World.

The anti-protest laws could be an 'own goal' because people have to protest from the comfort of their laptops and smart phones. Did Barnett set this up to learn 'the pen is mightier than the sword'?

While a Tasmanian senator, Guy Barnett was so convinced Iraq had weapons of mass destruction he encouraged John Howard to invade the country. (in Hansard) They killed thousands of innocent people for no reason because the 911 attacks were carried-out by Saudi Arabians and it was Iran that had WMDs. How informed was Guy Barnett? With this anti-protest legislation, Barnett can sell a lot more of Tasmania to hostile dictatorships like China without interference from concerned Tasmanians.

King Charles and Queen Camilla may never visit Tasmania, where the British monarchy carried-out an almost total genocide of an entire race. The British monarchs also dumped 85,000 of their worst criminals here. The corrupt British monarchy and their sock puppet church sanctioned mass murder in Tasmania. 

 A Law Degree From Tasmania 

In our view a law degree from the University of Tasmania is a very unusual qualification. The British monarchy and legal system in Tasmania carried-out genocide, slavery and torture, while failing to bring a single person to justice for those crimes against humanity. 

Two centuries later the Tasmanian government is imprisoning and abusing children for stealing a packet of chips. Somehow the Tasmanian legal system can establish guilt for stealing food but not for sexually abusing the person who stole that food while in state 'care'. What role does a UTAS law degree have in covering-up the abuse of children? Where was Tasmania's legal fraternity when the state paid for a state funeral for a pedophile cop?

Royal correspondence revealed Queen Elizabeth sacked the democratically-elected Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. How can a non-elected royal sack a democratically-elected leader unless Australia is a dictatorship?

Thanks to The Shovel

Why Do You Attack Barnett And Not Premier Rockliff?

It's rare to have a Tasmanian minister who advocated the invasion of another country based on fake intelligence. We say Barnett is 100% fake. A programmed World view that looks like it was hammered into him by a brainwashed parent, the total lack of creative thought and the unquestioning adherence to dogma. The Barnett's of the World are convinced they have a handle on reality yet fail to rationally explain their contradictory actions.

Rockliff on the other hand appears to be an affable hay seed struggling to keep the health care system and the state functioning. He's battling insurmountable obstacles such as the mysterious loss of millions of dollars of state revenue every year. 

After setting-up covert 'government business enterprises' with multiple subsidiaries, the government created a tax-free hidden pathway for state revenue to flow into private bank accounts. Did you know Tasmania makes over 1 billion dollars from farmed salmon annually but the whole lot disappears? It's as if the entire state was built by petty thieves and career criminals. Wait a minute, it is. But who is to blame? Surely not the un-elected, colonising and convict-exporting British Monarchy?

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