29 Aug 2022

Get Rid Of The Liars - Tax All Churches At The Corporate Rate

Would you rather live in a bankrupt country or tax the scammers that are draining our economy?

Today, religions are controlling governments around the World.

Because religions are based on irrational and unsubstantiated pseudo facts, they create the perfect environment for liars and scammers to exploit whole countries.

Once the population has been conditioned by religion it becomes impossible to have a functioning evidence-based criminal justice system or even a science-based health care system. In Australia, law makers swear allegiance to a 'crown' using a book of fantasy and contradiction.

Right. Beacuse of religious indoctrination, alleged sociopaths and psychopaths like Donald Trump can exploit the entire political system to obtain power.

Look at the consequences? Right now in the US, Murdoch's News Ltd is being sued by 2 vote counting machine companies for defamation. This is the direct result of Trumps lies about a 'stolen election'. What's sad is Trump lied to people who completely accept lies as the truth and are unable to tell the difference. 

Trump claims to represent the bible belt yet appears devoid of moral values. In his term as president he befriended dictators Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un while attacking the World Health Organization and his own pandemic response advisors.

Trump refused to give evidence on the grounds it may incriminate him during questioning of his own financial and tax affairs. In his own words this makes him a 'mobster'. He also said 'if your innocent why take the 5th amendment.'

Left. Catastrophic floods in Pakistan. This was reported in Australia as 'floods of biblical proportions' in a nation based entirely on a Moslem belief system. Who are they kidding?

How much aid will they get from other Moslem nations? Will the Middle Eastern billionaires in Saudi Arabia, The Emirates or Bahrain help Pakistan rebuild or will they pray that Christians give generously?

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