30 Aug 2022

Tasmanian Government Holds An Inquiry Into Itself

This is what they should have called their inquiry -


Below. This is what they called it - 


The state government abuses children in it's care. They face $millions in compensation claims from victims. The extent of the abuse is huge and across multiple agencies. To cut costs they fold 3 investigations into one.

The terms of reference avoids discovering and punishing the criminal public servants working in government institutions. How convenient? 

This pantomime inquiry is only concerned with 'responses' to criminal abuse. The use of the word 'settings' is frankly ridiculous. It's right out of Lord Mountbatten's diaries.

This inquiry appears to be a PR smokescreen designed to protect abusers and limit compensation claims from victims. We predict no criminal charges will arise from of it.

The Ashley Youth Detention Centre abuse happened in the electorate of resources minister Guy Barnett and speaker Mark Shelton.

BACKGROUND. Tasmania's government swears allegiance to a 'royal family' in England. Centuries ago, the royals created their own religion* Now the royals protect pedophiles like Prince Andrew, Jimmy Savile and Prince Charles favorite uncle Lord Mountbatten.

Tasmanian serial pedophile James Griffin was obviously inspired by Savile and spent years committing copycat crimes. 

*The Royals pet religion abused so many children in Australia they lost most of their churches to pay the compensation costs. Without the costumes and props and on the stats alone, the Anglican Church is a 'pedophile cult'. If you disagree drop it in the comments below.

'Royalty' is scientifically unsubstantiated so why pretend it exists?

There is no scientific proof or evidence that 'royalty' even exists. Was there once 'royal' cyanobacteria from which today's royals evolved? 'Royalty' is just a tradition that has outlived any social value. Royalty underlies the genocidal heritage of the Tasmanian government. As 'servants of the crown' neo-colonial automatons perpetuate a white supremacist fantasy of mismanaging Tasmania for eternity. The Tasmanian government are stuck in the convict transportation era of the 1700 and 1800's.

The commission of inquiry found the Tasmanian government has been imprisoning children for minor offenses like stealing a packet of chips. The children are subjected to years of criminal abuse far more excessive than any crime the children originally committed. Somehow, none of the ministers and bureaucrats we pay to look after the children ever noticed.


Why did the inquiry commence after one of the main perpetrators had died? This is identical to the last inquiry into the same thing at Hutchins School, also run by the Anglican Church.

Why did 2 government ministers resign before the inquiry began? The minister for human services Jacquie Petrusma and the minister for education and previously health, Sarah Courtney both resigned before this inquiry started. 

Did ex-Premier Gutwein resign when he realised how heavily involved the Liberal government were?


Now we read Australian of the Year Grace Tame is still being harassed by the same pedophile teacher. Police told her to find the IP address of the abuser. George Brandis and the Abbott government forced every Australian ISP to monitor and hold all IP addresses for 2 years. Brandis claimed this was to catch pedophiles and terrorists. 

If police can't use the resource for that purpose then what is it used for? Tony Abbott visited a convicted pedophile in a Victorian jail. Later came Morrison and his 'mentor' and that is before the courts.

It's as if Tasmanian pedophiles are being empowered by the Crown.


Every 10 years or so the Monarchy-obsessed Tasmanian government holds an inquiry into child abuse. They always discover the main abusers are dead and this should never happen again. Then they go back to swearing allegiance to a pretend monarch and a church of delusion.

 We recommend victims seek advice.

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Anonymous said...

It will never change as long as the people avoid their responsibilities and continue to vote for ideological morons, whose only aim is to support their deranged ideologies and vested interests. When you add a legal system whose only aim is profits and power, corrupt police and political system which disenfranchises the people to the benefit of the corporate world and deranged religious organisation, as well internal investigations designed to deceive the people, the people have zero hope of change or improvement

All religion is based upon 3 things, abuse, suppression and denial of reality, that's all their history consists of and it unrelentingly continues today. It's the only way they can continue with their deluded claims, they have no supporting evidence. The entire history of religion is nothing but genocidal invasion, suppression of followers and removal of any form of opposition.

In this era, the only way to get things done and improve life in general in Tas, is to put the running of Tas into the hands of those capably of making the decisions and changes required for us to become a truly self sufficient society which is sustainable and provides equality of opportunity to all. Currently Tas is run by very small minorities, who are only interested in their own agenda.

There is only one answer as to who is capable of running our island in a meaningful rational and logical manner, the people of Tas. That requires getting rid of the party political system, installing a referendum style online voting and discussion system, which would give everyone the opportunity to discuss and decide all state wide policies and directions. Then we will be able to take the power out of the hands of religion and other ideologies, devise sustainable, open and appropriate policies for all aspects of our society. It would also mean taking power away from the corrupt elitist legal system and rewriting all laws in plain Australian words without technicalities and put the justice system online, then we will get real justice and accountability, reducing costs by hundreds of millions a year.

Which means, we need a political party who will get rid of political parties, set up a system of governance that puts all power in the hands of the people and that's really easy to do. We have the technology, we have the online systems and protections needed to stop hacking and fraud. The problem is political parties and the legal profession get loads of money from vested corporate interests, so we have politicians, corporation the legal profession and senior bureaucracy working against the people and future.