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Peter Costello and Rupert Murdoch think LNP propaganda is so valuable you should pay them for it. Their sock puppet reporters cover the destruction of the Earth's climate and ecology and the breakdown of civilization as if it was just inevitable. Paywall media give you sanitized news and charge you to see ads. Why is TV free when the costs are higher than online media? Australian scammer media upholds scammer government.

7 Jul 2022

Meet The Guy Responsible For Keeping Varroa Mite Out of NSW


Dugald William Saunders (left) is the National Party Minister for Agriculture in NSW. Dugald's is responsible for biosecurity in NSW. After the many blunders conservative governments inflicted on Australia as a result of COVID, we all need to keep watch on the people we pay to keep us safe. Often their own issues seem much more important than the fate of those they wanted to represent. At the top of the list is contagious diseases and plant and animal biosecurity.

Interesting Duggald is a National Party guy because they get more donations from the coal industry than the other parties (and tobacco industry). Sadly, varroa destructor appears to have entered Australia through the Worlds largest coal terminal of Newcastle NSW. 

Coincidence? We may never know but just how far varroa gets is of critical importance to the nations food security. Maybe Dugald doesn't understand that? We will be watching it very, very closely and naming names whenever we can. The broken conservative system running in this country needs to be reformed.

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