28 Jun 2022

What Is Guy Barnett Doing For Tasmania?


Guy Barnett recently turned 60 so it's time to look at what he has achieved for Tasmania after decades on the public payroll.

We see Guy working hard protecting Communist Chinese mining companies in Tasmania from Tasmanians. He greenwashes a Brazilian fish farmer involved in alleged tax evasion and relies on an undersea electricity connector that's in receivership to push-up electricity prices. He presided over totalitarian laws that imprison Tasmanians for standing-up against Communist Chinese exploitation of Tasmania. It's as if Barnett is not a Tasmanian and doesn't actually live here.

Let's take a look at industries mis-managed by Barnett? Marinus Link, fish farms, wind turbines, forestry and housing availability.

Marinus Link Right now Barnett claims our electricity will skyrocket because an old copper cable under Bass Straight, that happens to be in receivership, connects us to the 'national grid'. This is a big lie. One cable exposing Tasmania to global geopolitical forces and Barnett hasn't got the intelligence to turn it off? It looks more like Barnett is using Tasmanian electricity users to fund Marinus Link.

Hydro Tasmania and Barnett struggled to operate the Basslink cable so why will Marinus Link be any different? How much of our current bills is paying for Hydro Tasmania's blunders?

Our hydro was built by Tasmanians for Tasmanians in the 1950's, not for every free-loading share-trader on the planet. Marinus Link is unneeded and unwanted in Tasmania. Tasmanian households already subsidise a number of multinational-owned electro-metallurgical plants while Barnett hides the price of the cheap electricity they buy. How many millions (or billions) of people does Guy Barnett think Tasmania is capable of supporting?

Barnett claims he is 'putting downward pressure on electricity prices'. What downward pressure? None. Liberal voters in Tasmania, look at your Aurora bill and realize you voted for the people that are sending you into poverty.

Fish Farms Huon Aquaculture, our second largest fish farmer was bought by Brazilian meat producer JBS in 2021.  JBS are the biggest seal killers in Tasmania and use explosives to kill them. Of course that is legal in Tasmania. JBS are currently under investigation by the Australian Tax Office for tax evasion. Enablers like Barnett want to spread fish pens right around Tasmania and they don't even know why. Has aquaculture revenue ended ambulance ramping and emergency wait times? It hasn't.

Wind Turbines Back in 2014, Hydro built massive wind turbine farms and sold them to Communist China. The documentation is now being covered-up on this deal. Was it put to tender? There is widespread opposition to Barnett's 'battery of the nation' spin. Nobody here wants offshore corporates degrading our tourist hot spots with wind turbines. And why are so many of them communist-owned?

How have the giant turbine farms helped Tasmania? The 'battery of the nation' has to stay warm burning firewood while Guy Barnett inexplicably keeps the lights on in Sydney and Melbourne. If Barnett was a fair-minded person he would buy rooftop solar for the same price his government sells it.  

Communist-owned turbines at Woolnorth (also Communist-owned)

Forestry The logging of public forests is done by the state government through a front company called STT. The logs are divided-up on quality and the majority by volume is classed as 'pulp wood'. The bulk of Tasmania's forest harvest is pulp wood. This is converted to wood chips.  75% of wood chips are exported to Communist China. 

Barnett's government is on the take from the Communist dictatorship that invaded Tibet, turned Hong Kong into a police state and supports the invasion of Ukraine. The same thugs that crippled the Australian economy with COVID. China is at war with democracy yet somehow Guy Barnett missed all of that.

Interestingly, ideologues like Barnett can only join the dots in one direction. 

EG. Barnett pretends the Bob Brown Foundation poses a bigger threat than the invasions of Tibet, Hong Kong and Ukraine, given that he sided with communist Chinese owned MMG in the Tarkine. NATO declared China is a threat while Barnett regards then as an ally. 

Barnett also missed the fact all Communist Chinese companies are controlled by the Communist Party. Look at how Alibaba founder Jack Ma disappears regularly so the party thugs can bring him back into line? You could say Guy Barnett is 'pro-communist' while pretending to be on the same side as Vietnam War vets.

On forestry, they actually think carbon stored in a wood chip lasts forever. Tasmania's carbon neutral claim is a lie.

A 'pro-communist' Minister for Veterans Affairs is responsible for Korean and Vietnam War veterans?

Housing We understand it is impossible to rent a house in Tasmania today. The Liberal government don't even know how they got here. Barnett appears to be  outsourcing accommodation to religious charities funded by the state. Given these charities pay no tax, this could be a scam to redirect state revenue to groups who will lobby for Barnett's re election next time round. 

'Government Business Enterprises' - The Truth 

Here is a list of Tasmanian government business enterprises. These quasi-corporations pay no tax and are public servants that answer to people like Guy Barnett. GBE's generate million$ annually but where does the money go? 

The state is always crying poor and even before COVID was unable to provide basic education and medical services. The GBE's are a giant black hole of lost money with no accountability other than budget estimates one day a year.


It's possible China is close to economically controlling Tasmania with Guy Barnett acting as a local agent. However you look at it, 'Bill-shock Barnett' does not act for Tasmanians. The fact he presides over multiple instances of Communist Chinese expansionism across his portfolios, and there is an active cover-up of the scale of this expansionism, indicates there is much more at play than the pubic is aware of.

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Anonymous said...

The question, does anyone know of a communist controlled country that's not a dictatorship, is no different to asking, does anyone know of a religiously controlled country that's not a dictatorship. The follow up question would be, does anyone know of an ideologically controlled country that's not an ideological dictatorship.

The answer is there is only dictatorship control across all human societies and our world will only get worse, unless ideology and elitism is removed from the human psychological equation.

The next Tasmanian election is in 2025, when they intend expanding the parliament to 35 seats, because they didn't get what they wanted by reducing the parliament to 25 from the original 35 seats. That election will be the last chance Tasmanian's have to get rid of the current useless dropkicks destroying the future and electing people with real knowledge, experience and sustainable vision.