12 Jul 2022

Aussie Media Cover-Up Chinese Run On The Banks

UPDATE. China sends-in tanks to scare protestors ripped-off by insolvent Chinese banks

Chinese banks like Henan are claiming bank savings deposits were 'investments' and are refusing to cash-out savings accounts. Obviously, 'Fat Snake' Xi Jinping has been inspired by insipid 'Small Man Syndrome' Putin to use military force to prop-up his failed system. 

Can anyone name one communist state that is not a dictatorship? Put it in the comments below.

We have just viewed shocking footage of Chinese Communist Party thugs violently attacking Chinese citizens trying to withdraw their savings from a number of banks in China.

The banking problems stem directly from the collapse of developer 'NEvergrande' and the collapse of the Chinese property market generally. The real source of the problem is the Communist Party trying to walk both sides of the capitalist-communist street and ending-up in a miasma of conflicting and corrupt policies.

Above. Chinese trying to get their savings out of banks with no money before the thugs arrived.

Above. Communist Party thugs (police and plainclothes) arrive and literally start bashing heads. This is confronting video but why didn't Kerry Stokes and the 7 Network show it? We understand Stokes has been selling Cat bulldozers in China for many years. Of course the bulldozers also go to North Korea to make long range missile sites. Can Stokes confirm none of his dozers go to North Korea or Russia?

We don't see or watch any Murdoch media so can't confirm Rupert and co are not also covering up the economic collapse of history's biggest communist state. As for Costello's 9 network, they are in Liberal lifestyle land and appear hypnotized by the Perrottet cartel.

Apparently this will probably get worse for Chinese banks. Could the contagion spread here? We bloody well hope not.

We can confirm the Tasmanian 'woodchip conveyor belt' to China is unaffected so far. Maybe they print money with the Aussie woodchips rather than just blow COVID infected noses on 40,000 years of native forests.

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