24 Jul 2022

Statistical Predictions For The World Economy


Are you an Australian sick of the fake news coming out of Kerry Stokes bulldozer shed, Peter Costello's mirrored drawing room and the Murdoch Monastery of Evil?

The Population Bomb

China and India are neck to neck on the home straight to annihilation with 2,858 million hungry, confused humans straining to survive. Next is the US, an 'advanced' nation that has crippled itself by being unable to tell psychopaths from normal human beings. They trained psychologists just so people could ignore them?

4th, 5th and 8th are the Sunni superstates that have declared Islam the national religion and grafted primitive Sharia law into their legal systems. Most of their people are obliged to visit Mecca at least once in their lifetimes and throw stones at a big rock. Just like stoning people eh Wahid? Don't ever expect any compassion or intelligence from anyone from these countries. As a bonus, Pakistan is the most interbred nation on Earth with arranged marriages to family members being normal. Just to prove how pathetic humans are, the interbred idiots have nuclear weapons. 

Filling-out the top 10 are Brazil, Nigeria, Russia and Mexico. In other words, totally corrupt dictatorships, narco states and places you will never visit even if you could.

At the present all of the top 10 are bankrupt or totally collapsed economically which is the same thing.

Tasmania's 'closest trading partner' Communist China has financially collapsed and has the military in tanks keeping people away from banks that have stolen their life savings. Parasitically, China is raping the Tarkine rainforest and pumping Savage River magnetite directly to the Communist Chinese and North Korean ammunition factories. Generations of brain-dead and inebriated Australian politicians couldn't see an issue with that and the Communist's took them to the cleaners.

We predict it's just a matter of time before Australians feel more pain than COVID ever gave them. 

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