22 May 2022

The 'Sports-Based Penetcostal Fascist' Is No Longer PM

The World needs to be on the lookout for old men with serious mental issues. Probably, over time testosterone starts rotting the brain - look at Trump, Putin and Morrison? In our view Scott Morrison killed the Great Barrier Reef and almost took Australia back to the Dark Ages for no rational reason.

thanks to the Shovel

We are based in Bass where Bridget Archer was returned. Northern Tasmanian electorates are easy to manipulate with the government constantly funding distilleries and bars for them. Tasmanians suffer from 'peer conformity' and like to be collectively lied to as a bloc.

In Bass and Braddon the Libs won the battle but lost the war. They elected representatives who will be stuck in opposition for 3 years. It shows the lies Tasmanians are fed. We were bombarded with TV adds about the threat of the Greens while the rest of the country turned teal. Liberal propaganda is both evil and color blind. Look at your own sick coalition Liberals - Barnaby Joyce WTF?

We were bombarded with phone polling but only on land lines and never on mobiles. We raised this issue 3 years ago and we bet they are still not listening. To save money pollsters only ring land lines and people hang-up or they get people who have lost the plot. Of course their polling is garbage. Example. Nobody in Tasmania knows about 'teal' because we only know about seals. They steal valuable salmon from our sustainable green fish pens lovingly owned by Brazilian seal-killers. They provide so many jobs we have to import Pacific Islanders to fill them.

Finally. what happens to the brain of a lifelong Liberal voter? Are they all on a journey to dementia by selectively filtering-out reality? That's our theory.

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