27 May 2022

Global Financial Crash And Wrapping-Up 9 Years Of The LNP

We follow Stoic Finance reports from London that cover fluctuations in the global markets. 

The trend at Stoic is to highlight the negativity and insanity of the markets. It's very volatile at present and there are multiple negative forces impacting trade and investment. All the indicators of a bubble peaking and a crash underway are there.


Morrison becomes a backbencher

Like the majority of Australians we were not sad to see the end of the Morrison government. They really were the the worst government in Australia's history. While often pretending to be religious, the fake conservatives were having sex orgies in the parliament house prayer room. That's where 9 years of Liberal government ends-up WTF?

The Australian public never got the truth on these goons. The level of criminality was astonishing. Check out Dutton's cocaine-dealing mates in the car importation business that the corrupt Aussie media that chose to cover-up? Where was Stokes and Costello?

The Morrison Clocks

Because of an alleged rape in Morrison's defense office, we set-up online clocks to show how Morrison was lying to the Australian people and covering-up alleged crime. How many gutless Australian public servants helped Morrison cover-up other alleged crimes?

Morrison knew the identity of an alleged 'Parliament House rapist' but kept it from the AFP and the public for 868 days. This was possibly a criminal offense on Morrison's part.

Morrison must of had a reason for covering it up, yet went through the taxpayers-funded charade of holding an inquiry into when his office became aware of an alleged rape. The inquiry ran for well over a year yet failed to discover 'when we knew'.

Lastly, the clowns actually had an inquiry into if members of parliament can accept secret donations from anonymous sources. As if? The corrupt half wits thought cash in brown paper bags is legit?

So the clocks stopped today. Hopefully we won't have to re-instate one but who knows?



Right. The 3 media amigos have 3 years to wonder why they are so out of touch with Australia.  


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