11 May 2022

Morrison - All Armageddon And No Future


Picture above from 2019 @ G20 Japan. Of course, Armageddon-obsessed Morrison didn't mention the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest, when 'laying hands' on Bolsonaro

Morrison looks more like he has met the love of his life. How many missed opportunities were in the lost 'Morrison years'?

Here in Bass we have Liberal Bridget Archer having a go at getting another 3 years for the Pentecostal clown. The Liberals totally bungled the pandemic with people still in hospital and still getting infected, even when they are highly vaccinated. The death toll today is actually higher than in 2020.

Clive Palmer's outfit is shamelessly targeting single digit IQ voters with promises like 'end loneliness'. They usually get a few votes and some preferences to help Morrison destroy more of Australia. Like the Great Barrier Reef. Morrison is actually destroying an entire tourism industry and Channel 7 and Channel 9 can't get enough of the bleaching.

We are not pro-Labor either. Part of the reason Australia has the most corrupt government in it's history is the weak opposition. They failed to identify pro-Communist China media barons like the owner of the 7 Network who makes a fortune selling Cat bulldozers to China. Labor also failed to expose kickbacks from Morrisons's Scorpene submarine fiasco. Everywhere these submarines were sold governments were in on the kickbacks. In Australia, Peter Costello owner of 9 Entertainment was somehow paid even though he knows nothing about submarines..

We need a Federal ICAC but the last people on Earth to introduce it will be Scott Morrison and Clive Palmer.

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