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14 Feb 2022

State Fire Services Are Used To Prop-Up The Coal Industry

Morrison And Joyce's Biggest Crime Yet

As bushfires get more catastrophic the cost of controlling them gets more expensive. We know the fossil fuel industry is radically changing the climate but who carries the cost of climate change? Not the fossil fuel industry, it's you and me. 

In Tasmania ratepayers pay a fire levy that goes to the Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS). Every year the TFS are forced to plan for bigger fires and do more controlled burns. They work hard but many Tasmanians are unable to connect climate change with increased fire severity. This scenario is reproduced across the Australian landscape in all states. State fire services are used by corrupt politicians to provide publicly-funded subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. In turn the politicians main donors are the fossil fuel industry. They use the donations to get themselves elected.

New Homes Much More Expensive In Rural Areas

Hidden subsidies to the fossil fuel industry are obvious in the cost of new home builds throughout Australia. In Tasmania this means fire-proof water tanks and full access for fire brigades. Roads have to be put in to fight fires at landowners expense. The costs of climate change are passed-on to you, fully.

No Wonder Morrison Drank Cocktails While Australia Burned

We all know Morrison's disgusting holiday from hell but the truth is Morrison is being paid to ignore climate change and has been for decades. Here is a link to 'Beetroot' Barnaby Joyce's donors. The Nationals are completely coal-dependent and have Australian blood on their hands. The Liberal's full donor list is here and the fact is the Libs are getting millions from the fossil fuel industry, particularly from Woodside. Labor also accept donations from the fossil fuel industry. 

A Tasmanian Tragedy

A very sad day for Northern Tasmania

Today, a fire-fighting helicopter crashed at Lebrina Northern Tasmania killing the pilot. By Wednesday the pilot had been named as 41 year old Andrew Kerr. Inside Tasmania regard this as an absolute tragedy. Extreme heat from these mega fires is probably damaging the aircraft control and servo systems. There will be a full inquiry that always clears the government of any responsibility. The fire was lit by a landowner with a valid permit.

The fact is, the government's promotion of fossil fuels is killing Australians and we all know it. Every year the firebreaks get wider and the 'threat' gets worse. Why aren't more indigenous people doing controlled burns with the TFS? Why isn't the bushfire-climate change nexus being managed by scientists rather than corrupt, self-serving politicians?

Some responsibility must be accepted by Premier Peter Gutwein. Lebrina is in Gutwein's electorate yet he continues to ignore the science. Researchers say bush fires are getting worse in part because government-owned logging company STT clear-felling is drying out tall wet eucalypt forests. The bulk of the logging by size is for the Chinese wood chip market. This is an entire industry that Gutwein and the Chinese Communist Party have tried to cover-up. It's time for Peter Gutwein to own-up about our pulp wood exports to China. Do Liberals Guy Barnett and Peter Gutwein hate Tasmania enough to destroy it's ecology for ever?

Scott Morrison is the number one coal exporter, number two LNG exporter, largest CO2 emitter per capita and largest methane gas producer on Earth.

This was a 1660 hectare bushfire
Where Are The 7 Gutless Members For Bass When Somebody Dies Defending Their Electorate?

Not counting 12 senators, their are 5 members for Bass in the Tasmanian lower House. Premier Gutwein (Lib)  Michael Ferguson (Lib)  Jennifer Houston (Lab) Michelle O'Byrne (Lab) and Sarah Courtney (Lib who never came back from holidays). 

Bridget Archer (Lib) represents Bass in Canberra and Nick Duigan (Lib) is the member for Windermere in the Tasmanian upper house. So far none of them have offered any public condolences on the death of the water-bombing helicopter pilot who died defending part of Bass and Windermere during an out of control bushfire. SHAME!

Corrupt Representatives, Corrupt System

This highlights that in Tasmania, electorates are just squares on a monopoly board for the career politicians who represent them. The many representatives don't know what happens in their electorates and don't care. We even have ex-TV personalities who have never been interested in politics but enjoy the lifestyle. At least they are better than a previous member for Braddon who was elected with criminal charges over his head and was subsequently found guilty.

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