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8 Feb 2022

Morrison's Prejudicial Speech On A Current Criminal Case

Morrison Digging A Very Deep Hole For Himself

We were surprised to hear Morrison tell parliament “I am sorry. We are sorry. I’m sorry to Ms Higgins for the terrible things that took place here. And the place that should’ve been a space of safety and contribution turned out to be a nightmare,”

The 'terrible things' and 'a nightmare' took place in an office of his own government. He is referring to an alleged sex crime currently before the courts. The accused has pleaded 'not guilty' which means Morrison has prejudiced the trial. The alleged victim Brittany Higgins was in the public gallery at the time Morrison gave this speech.

Morrison went on “I want this to be a place where young Australians … young women in particular, can follow their dreams, and not be crushed by brutality.” Those are strong words that compromise the presumption of innocence of the accused in the Defense Minister's office rape case.

Those of us who have observed Morrison for some time would not be surprised by his prejudicial comments. He appears to have almost no legal understanding although he puts himself forward as a legislator. Previously, Morrison displayed a total lack of understanding of 'conflict of interest' when he recommended Gladys Berejiklian stand in a federal election while awaiting the outcome of an ICAC hearing.

If you look back at the 'parliamentary rape case' you can see how it was covered-up by the government for 2 years and the media were told to suppress the alleged rapists name for unknown reasons. Imagine if a sitting Prime Minister had apologised to Cardinal Pell's alleged victims from the floor of parliament while Pells' case was before the courts? 

Morrison Apologises For His Apology

Sure enough 3 days later Morrison attempts to 'clarify' his apology after Bruce Lehrmann's lawyer Warwick Korn slammed Morrison's speech. "the behaviour of our prime minister and others in this past 24 hours truly beggars belief,” Korn said.

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