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7 Aug 2021

Brittany Higgins Alleged Rapist Named As Bruce Lehrmann

26 year old Bruce Lehrmann has been charged by ACT Police. The ACT Police media release issued on a Friday afternoon is here.

The ACT Police did not name Lehrmann but he was named on the ACT Magistrates Court list for September 16. (below)

The police media statement said the man’s legal representative was served a summons to appear before the ACT Magistrates Court. 'The man will face one charge of sexual intercourse without consent'

It's been claimed Brittany Higgins was given the choice of reporting the rape or losing her job by then Defense Minister Linda Reynolds. 

Today's media release admits ACT Policing received a 'report' concerning the alleged rape way back in April 2019, a month after the alleged assault. Why wasn't it investigated immediately? Why wasn't Brittany at least contacted by ACT Policing? Note. ACT Police is actually a department of the Federal Government. They are investigating themselves.

We suspect Scott Morrison has micromanaged this case for years. After coming under intense pressure from the Libs to suppress Lehrmann's name we had to issue a missing persons report. We previously published a theory the rapist had embarrassing inside information on the Morrison government and was possibly blackmailing the PM.

The Peter Costello-controlled Sydney Morning Herald contacted Lehrmann's barrister 'John Korn, of Sydney firm Ada Evans Chambers' but they also did not name him. Mr Korn said the man  'will defend the charge' and added his client was in a 'very fragile state at the moment'. So he's now the victim? This looks a lot like the Porter rape allegation. He will probably come-out suing. Tragically, poor Brittany and the women of Australia will have to prove he did it.

This is going to get a lot messier for Scott Morrison, already tarnished with too many sex scandals.

No Election In 2021

Unless Morrison has been assured of a quick turn around in the Lehrmann case and the Hillsong Church case, there is no way he will take Australia to the polls this year. He will be planning an election as late as possible


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