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2 Aug 2021

The IOC - Corrupt Old Men Rewarding Dictatorships


We count 4 females in this recent grab of the International Olympic Committee. To us, some of the 10 guys look like neanderthals. Is that why they support dictatorships around the globe by 'awarding' them the Olympic Games? Probably, but we suspect a lot of cash changes hands as well.

Lets be real about this, the Tokyo games were a disgrace. Suspended for a year due to the pandemic, only to have the more severe Delta strain running rampant in parallel with the Olympics. The knuckle-dragging boofheads had Putins doping cheats competing as the 'Russian Olympic Committee' (ROC). Who got bribed for that?

But how credible was the competition in Tokyo with so many countries pushed to bankruptcy by the bat virus? How many competitors were unable to train or attend due to lockdowns and disruption? 

Now the IOC boofheads have rewarded insane dictator Xi Jinping with the 2022 Winter Olympics for services to totalitarianism, gross human rights abuses and destroying the global economy with their bat virus.

They have got a real fight on their hands this time.

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