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4 Jun 2021

How Can A Liberal Media Consultant Completely Disappear?

Why Is It Being Covering It Up?

Scott Morrison has to explain how somebody can disappear off the face of the Earth while working for his government in Parliament House.

Missing person Bruce Lehrmann

Above is an image of Liberal media consultant Bruce Lehrmann who completely vanished in April 2019. He has not been seen since. Has the Morrison government informed the Australian Federal Police about this high profile missing persons case?

Lehrmann was last seen working in the Defense Department in early 2019.

Bruce Lehrmann also worked for Ms 'Sports Rorts' Bridget McKenzie.

Bruce was a media-PR guy who was moved between federal departments. In 2018 he worked in Bridget McKenzie's rural health department. They were managing a radiation spill at Lucas Heights at the time.

screen grab from here.
Bruce once worked for Canberra PR firm Parker & Partners.

Why Is The Morrison Government Covering-Up A Missing Persons Case?

There is something suspicious about the disappearance of Bruce Lehrmann. Was he captured by a hostile power? The Morrison government must go public about what they know about Mr Lehrmann and why they failed to register him as a missing person. Lehrmann must have family concerned for his welfare. Why has he disappeared and why is it being covered-up??

Bruce Lehrmann Is Not Listed As A Missing Person in the ACT

Currently listed missing persons in the ACT

Bruce Lehrmann is not one of the 10 people on the ACT missing persons list even though he effectively doesn't exist.
"If a person is missing and you have immediate concerns for their welfare, contact ACT Policing immediately on 131 444".

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