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29 May 2021

Giovanni 'Pork' Barilaro acts like the Calabrian Mafia

Like a lot of Australians we've been watching the friendlyjordies videos. Check-out how the Barilaro's took over the Queanbeyan Marco Polo Club and shut it down. The club was then awarded a grant from Pork Barilaro himself to re-open it. Still missing is $700 grand from the poker machines? What did Barilaro do with it?
Pork Barilaro ticks some of the boxes for Calabrian Mafia. That doesn't mean he is a Mafia blood brother just because he has a track record of exploiting his position for personal gain. Coincidentally, entering public office is a criminal activity of the Calabrian Ndrangheta.

'Barilaro' means 'barrel' in English and there are some Barilaro's doing jail time in Italy. Coincidence? So who is Fortunato, Francesco and Antonio Barilaro??
A list of Ndrangheta called Barilaro?
Fortunato Barilaro
Francesco Barilaro
Antonio Barilaro
Carmen Barillaro (2 Ls)

Pork Barilaro is on record calling koala bears 'tree rats'. This is an insult to all Australians and it's a tragedy they were stupid enough to elect a person with no concept of Australian values.


Barilaro told the media he is suing friendlyjordies for defamation. Friendlyjordies was contacted by Paul Svilans at Mark O'Brien Legal. 
We believe Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce should explain their water buyback schemes to a judge who is not 'owned' by the LNP conservatives.
Maybe Barilaro will realize this is going to be a massive foot shot? If it goes ahead it will be a guided tour of corruption in the terminally corrupt Berejiklian government.

Believe It Or Not - Pork Barilaro Is Born In The Year Of The Pig


Seriously, you would not guess the guy in the screengrab above is born in the Chinese year of the pig would you?

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