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14 Apr 2021

The Real Reason Morrison Attacked Christine Holgate

On October 22, 2020 Scott Morrison fired-up in parliament over 4 watches and told  Christine Holgate 'to stand aside or she can go'.

Her non-crime was providing incentives to Australia Post executives.

Morrison's Land Fraud

Just days before on October 16 it was announced the AFP will investigate the purchase of land by the Commonwealth at 10 times it's market value.

The 'Leppington Triangle' land was purchased from a Liberal donor. They paid $26.7m above the land’s fair value at Australian taxpayers expense.

Holgate spent just $20k on 4 watches.

The land was sold by a company controlled by billionaire dairy farmers Tony and Ron Perich. Gladys Berejiklians ex-lover Daryl Maguire was also involved.

Where Was Morrison's Outrage Over Paying 10 Times The Market Value?

Morrisons outrage at the $5 grand watches was premeditated and staged. The aim was using the media to provide a smokescreen for the latest crime of his criminal administration.

Scott Morrison doesn't really comprehend ethics and morality. He only pretends he does. He is an interesting personality type that manifests in kleptomaniacs, career criminals and pickpockets. Sadly, a lot of mentally-deficient Australians vote for this type of human garbage.

'Everywhere you look in the Morrison government, you see sleaze and self-interest, if not outright corruption.'

Long term, Morrison is normalising fraud, criminal activity and cover-ups. How many open-ended inquiries into his corrupt government are underway at the moment? 

One thing is clear - all of Morrison's fake inquiries are engineered to hide his corruption and criminal behavior.

How The Morrison Land Fraud Works

Usually an asset is bought at an inflated price by prior arrangement with the vendor. The excess money is donated back to the Liberal Party, or split in a mutually beneficial way. Australia's ambassador to the US Arthur Sinodinos* was involved in a similar fraud using donations from Australian Water Holdings.

"During the enquiry Sinodinos advised he was unaware of a $74,000 donation made to the Liberal Party by Australian Water Holdings, despite being Deputy chairman on a $200,000 salary. At the time of the payment Sinodinos was also Treasurer of the Liberal Party."

Using fraud, the Liberal Party is illegally funding itself with stolen taxpayer's money. The LNP are the biggest dole bludgers in Australia's history. They are an organised crime cartel.

* The foreign appointments scam. In this Liberal scam a member is elected to the Senate but after winning a seat they are appointed to an overseas post. Then the second candidate on the ticket is automatically awarded the seat although they were never actually elected.

It's probable the LNP justify the theft of taxpayer funds in order to block so-called 'socialists' from getting into government. 

Liberals Hold Inquiry Into Themselves

Senator Ann Ruston appointed Sententia Consulting at taxpayer expense, to investigate the land fraud and predictably they cleared everybody. This was no not an inquiry because it had no legal power. That's why its conclusion is meaningless and another waste of taxpeyers money.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for highlighting the corruption in our political system, particularly within the COALition. Aussie voters must be brain dead to keep voting for these fucktards. Mind you, it doesn't help that a corrupt foreigner controls the majority of our media.
Keep up the good fight.