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1 May 2021

Religious Nutter Week

The Laying of Hands or Groping?

Anti-science nutter Scott Morrison attended an anti-science nutter conference this week at taxpayers expense, flying to the Gold Coast by VIP RAAF aircraft.

What Morrison told the conference was extreme by Australian standards. He practices the 'laying of hands'. Really? After recent rapes, orgies and sex acts in his government, this was a poor choice of words. We think the public need to be protected from extreme anti-science politicians like Morrison attempting to grope them during a pandemic?

Morrison claims social media is the work of 'the evil one' even though he uses it himself. Is Morrison using a site owned by 'the evil one' or is Morrison evil himself? 

Ultra Orthodox Nutter Stampede

Interesting that the Jewish ultra orthodox nutters hold the Mount Meron 'celebration' at the same time as the Moslem Ramadan nutters? These people are often so extreme they kill anyone for just questioning how insane their thinking is.

COVID Rampant In India

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being blamed for encouraging superspreader events. At an election rally in eastern India on April 17, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared jubilant. 'Everywhere I look, as far as I can see, there are crowds.' 

Modi 'declined to cancel a Hindu religious festival that drew millions to the banks of the Ganges River, despite pleas from health experts'.

The Laying Of Hands

A week after telling a Christian Conference he practices the 'laying of hands', a woman from Cameroon threw herself at Morrison's feet. Is Scott Morrison the  'Messiah' or just messianic?

Above. Scott 'The Messiah' Morrison blessing a lump of coal to reduce it's carbon content using 'the laying of hands'. 

Choose Science Instead Of Religion

Of course science is not a religion, but why are religions hijacking the good will of science to brainwash the gullible? Religion mostly deferred to science during the pandemic, except for superspreader events like the Hindu Ganges festival. 

Morrison uses the benefits of science continuously, in digital communications, transport and medical advice. Why are we letting Morrison hijack science and technology to dumb-down the population? He uses science to spread contradiction and disinformation.

If there is an 'evil one' as Morrison claims, then it would be spreading disinformation just like it did in the Middle Ages?

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