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16 Dec 2020

Tasmanian Government Caught Peddling Communist Propaganda

There is something suspicious about graphs in the Launceston Examiner on December 3 - 2020. 

The Tasmanian Department of State Growth listed China and Hong Kong as different countries. Now that the Maoist dictatorship has crushed democracy in Hong Kong, it is devious of the Tasmanian government to pretend Hong Kong and mainland China are different countries. 

Maybe they wanted to shield Australians from the awful truth - Tasmania is totally addicted to communism.

exports from Maoist Tasmania

Below right is the communist propaganda created by the Tasmanian Government and printed by the Examiner. We fixed this misinformation and added another $120 million in exports to Communist China, bringing the total to nearly $1.3 billion.

But what about the graph below? Why was there $280 million in 'Confidential trade' between tiny Tasmania and the planets biggest dictatorship? What is the Tasmanian government trying to cover-up and why?

The Tasmanian government did not collate this data. It came from the Federal agency DFAT. The original data is here.


What is the 'confidential trade' to China? It's woodchips. The corrupt Liberals who run DFAT (Dept of Foreign Affairs & Trade) are so guilty about trashing the Australian Continent they are forced to conceal their crimes. Both the Federal and State governments are covering-up the 'woodchip conveyor belt'. You will not find any woodchips in the DFAT document but many woodchip carriers depart from Tasmania for China every year.
Woodchips exported from Tasmania are more valuable than the next commodity, iron ore from Savage River exported by Chinese-owned Grange Resources.

Having foreign-owned companies export Tasmanian products to the Peoples Republic of China is the preferred business model of the Tasmanian Liberal Party.


'Every Tasmanian has a lawful right to be employed in forestry and mining provided they are committed to a Global Communist Chinese superstate'.

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Anonymous said...

Once it confused me as to why there was so much blatant corruption at every tier in Tassie, then it frustrated me. Now I accept Tassie is about as corrupt as it can get, perhaps it was always this way. The fact there have been no findings of corruption from the Integrity Commission or Judiciary can only mean one of two things, either Tassie is free of corruption completely, or the whole place is fetid including the Integrity Commission and judiciary.