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23 Jan 2021

Morrison Was A Trump Disciple

Of course Scott Morrison did not publicly condemn Trump's attack on the Capitol building because Morrison is 'baby Trump'.

Instead were got 'incredibly disappointing' from Scumo.

screenshot from the Guardian

You can bet Scumo thought the outcome of the US election was also 'incredibly disappointing'.

The truth about these events is the election of corrupt, infantile and self-serving imbeciles. They are regularly elected in the US and Australia (and Uganda, Belarus and the Philippines) by ignorant and manipulated voters. 

The voters ignorance is that there is some sort of payoff by putting corrupt dictators into office. There is none.

For example. Before leaving office Trump pardoned Republican donor Elliot Broidy. "Last October, Broidy had pleaded guilty to a charge that he illegally lobbied Trump to drop an investigation into 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB)". This means Trump enabled the theft of Malaysian taxpayers funds. We say this is something Scott Morrison would have done because he is also corrupt. He uses Australian taxpayers funds to get himself re-elected, to build his own career in effect.

The fact people like Morrison and Trump are elected in the first place shows the profound stupidity of the electorate most of the time.

Democracy only works with an intelligent, informed electorate and we do not have that.

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