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15 Dec 2020

How Morrison Steals Electricity From Stupid Tasmanians

photo by Simon Sturzaker

'Battery Of The Nation' Heated By Stolen Firewood

Scumo will be using $93million of taxpayers money to part-fund a second Bass Strait electricity cable called 'Marinus Link'.
The Liberal-National cartel try to spin this as an advantage to Tasmania when it is just the blatant theft of the islands hydro electricity.
Once the electricity enters the 'National Electricity Market (NEM) it is priced at the mainland power rate. This includes electricity from expensive coal-fired power plants. It means Tasmanians pay NEM prices for their electricity rather than the much cheaper hydro-only power that was built in the 1950s. Many Tasmanian hydro stations have no people and are remote controlled from Hobart.

Winters get cold in Tasmania, so the locals must choose between firewood and electricity to stay warm. Many, if not most Tasmanians cannot afford to use electricity for heating homes. That has spawned a huge firewood market much of it in firewood stolen from state forests. This firewood theft happens on an industrial scale. It's a tragedy when combined with the systematic forest removal to Communist China by the 'wood chip conveyor belt'. And all implemented by schizos who are anti-union but pro-Maoist WTF?

Scumo is oblivious to how Tasmanians stay warm in Winter or where their firewood comes from. He is only interested in stealing resources and covering his butt. 
Please Tasmanians, if you have friends who are rusted-on conservative voters it's time to cut them loose for your own future. LNP voters have put systematic criminals into office. They have dragged this once proud nation into the sewer with continuous rorting, pork barrelling and self-serving scams of every type. LNP voters are unable to think rationally and end up paying twice as much for everything by always going for short-term advantage. It is a well established fact that conservative voters have lower than average IQs.

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