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12 Jun 2020

The Chinese 'Bat And Toad Initiative'

We've renamed the Commie Chinese 'Belt and Road' the 'Bat and Toad Initiative'. We hope the totalitarians like it.
The Bat and Toad has some strange twists and turns.

Like Monash University helping the Communists build an airliner from stolen plans.

So what were the eggheads at Monash thinking when they signed-on to this garbage? The C919 sounds just like a bat virus doesn't it?
Obviously not enough to stop the boffins helping the most out of control population explosion in the history of planet Earth from getting into the aircraft industry. (Did you know that pre-COVID there were 3 flights per week between Wuhan and Sydney?)
Isn't it interesting that 'academics' like the Monash engineers have no concept of global population demographics and the ecological outcomes of plague-like population explosions?

Daniel Andrews has been a good premier of Victoria but 'Bat and Toad' derailed that forever. A long term promoter of Chinese totalitarianism is ex-Liberal trade minister Andrew Robb seen at far right above. Australian taxpayers were duped into paying members of the CCP to set-up Bat and Toad here. The details are a complete disgrace.

Interesting to see how this ends-up? Will treason become an accepted career path in Australia? Ask Andrew Robb, he was already on the payroll of the Chinese Communist Party while a member of the Australian Parliament.
Robb is now promoting 'the introduction of psychedelic treatments for mental illnesses'.
Sadly, these are the people elected by the democratic process in Australia. If you take enough psychedelics even Xi Jinping, dictator for life and apparent ruler of Australia seems like a good outcome.

Morrison's Liberals Contradict The History of The Liberal Party 

In 2020 Australia is totally economically dependent on Communist China. But  how did we reach a position that is 180 degrees away from the foundation of the Liberal Party?
How did we get here after 7 years of Liberal government in Australia? 

Menzies hated Communism so much he held a referendum in 1951 to change the Constitution to give him the power to destroy Communism in Australia. He called them 'traitors' and regarded them as a 'security threat' to the nation.

Compare this to Morrison's incessant promotion of Communist China? Morrison even risked the lives of Australians during the COVID pandemic just to get cash-paying Communist Chinese students into Australia. For a 'free market capitalist' and Liberal to have become addicted to Communist cash is a disgrace.

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