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26 Jun 2020

Christian Porter - The Attorney General Covering-Up Crimes Against Timor Leste

UPDATE. Attorney General Porter asked 'How is it possible that an energy company such as Woodside could be in possession of documents that could contain matters related to national security? Or is this simply the attorney further abusing the NSI Act?'

Australia's attorney general Christian Porter is managing the Morrison governments secret trial of a whistle-blower known only as 'Witness K' and his lawyer.

In 2004, the whistle-blower was involved in an undercover operation when

Porter left Dutton right
one of the World's richest countries tried to steal oil and natural gas from one of the World's poorest countries.
To give Australia an unfair advantage, an Australian spy agency was ordered to plant listening devices in the Timor Leste prime minister's office in Dili. The Australian foreign affairs minister at the time was Alexander Downer.

Sixteen years later the corrupt Morrison government is still trying to hide the truth by holding secret trials in what is supposed to be an 'open democracy' WTF?

This rotten saga is still unraveling with the dumbass Liberals already spending $2m in taxpayer's money prosecuting lawyer Bernard Collaery and former intelligence officer Witness K'

Isn't this the same as Morrison and Porter spending millions of taxpayers' money to cover-up the reported sex crimes of High Court judge Dyson Haydon.

The real tragedy is the amoral Liberals can never change. Locked into a white supremacist, imperialist World view they believe in committing crimes in the name of the nation because that's how it was always done. Just like murdering Aboriginal people because white supremacists can do whatever they like. This is precisely why Downer, Porter and Morrison have already lost this battle.

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