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10 Apr 2020

Why Is COVID-19 Mortality High In Some Countries And Low In Others?

We checked COVID mortality rates as a percentage of total cases for the World and 7 other countries.

The data is from Worldometers.info taken on April 19 2020

Right now the global mortality rate is 6.87% of all cases. The UK has currently got the highest mortality rate at 13.53. The numbers and percentages will change and have changed since March when we started looking at them.


There is a big difference in mortality rates of 13.5% of cases in the UK and 1.05% of cases in Australia. 
An obvious reason is that medical facilities were swamped with large numbers of cases at the same time. Was this the only reason?

There maybe other reasons such as seasonal. This is a complex mix of geography, politics and population antibodies that could take years to understand. A factor that may come into play is a population with SARS antibodies already in the population. Australia has an abundance of fruit bats that may have given us an existing immunity to COVID-19.

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