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6 May 2020

It's Time to Overthrow Our Communist Rulers

As we read of class actions launched against Carnival Cruises, owner of the Ruby Princess, Inside Tasmania asks 'will anybody sue the Communist Party of China for exporting COVID-19 globally'?

We don't think anybody will because the Chinese Communists are outside the rule of law. Laws are for us but they do whatever they like and our gutless Liberal government lets them get away with murder.

Here in Australia we see many companies with only one customer - Communist China. Companies like Andrew Forrest's Fortescue Metals Group. It appears that Forrest acts as an agent for his main customer.

There are many Australian companies totally dependent on the Communist perversion of the free market and World trade.

Like wool for example. Those LNP-voting Aussie wool farms have been captured by the Commies with 80% of their clip going to Communist China.

Tragically, most of the Liberal Party of Australia believe Communist Chinese World domination is inevitable.


Liberals like Scott Morrison and Gladys Liu may as well go and live in China if they are so besotted with it's might and power. Inside Tasmania believes Communist China and North Korea must be contained within their own borders and must be forced to play by the same rules as the rest of the World.

Here is a map of the distorted population reality of planet Earth. Our position on Communist China is definitely not 'racism' but a call to restore ecological and social balance to global population demographics. We are experiencing a crisis of irresponsible and mindless human breeding in Communist China and India.

Just 2 countries are stressing the entire planet
This article is being read in Communist China and not just by the corrupt pseudo-Maoist party. A revolution is taking place inside Communist China.

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