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17 Mar 2020

We Spend Trillions On Defence Yet Taken-Down By A Bat Virus?


We don't want to get into a blame-game BUT...there are some HUGE lessons for our whole civilisation in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cynical, bloated, jaded politicians and fake 'representatives' take our environment for granted. They exploit it ruthlessly, they ridicule the people who try to warn us about the countless attacks on nature and countless animal rights issues. The very things that would have prevented the COVID economic blood bath.

We chose to have a 'global economy' with no level playing field, where secrecy and totalitarianism were tolerated as long as the cash kept flowing. Turns out a virus evolved a genetic algorithm that is more powerful than Wall Street, the City of London, the IMF and the World Bank. 👾

dictator talks to COVID patients from a distance

However the propaganda merchants spin it, Communist China spread this pandemic globally and the 'free world' was just a hypotised, compromised victim. Where were their risk assessors and homeland security bureaucracies? Sleeping.

How can businesses that have gone bankrupt because of Corona sue anybody when the Commies absolve themselves of all responsibility and are only there to make a sale and splash their stolen cash? Why have mindless, gutless automatons like Morrison fostered this insane situation? Why is modern capitalism so dysfunctional that it tolerates and shrugs-off every conceivable contradiction? That has got to be resolved.

Take a look at Xi Jinping's performance during the COVID epidemic? The arrogant dictator told Australia not to close it's borders while the gutless hypocrite hid from his own unsustainable masses and cancelled his own Communist Party annual talk-fest.

Why do fake 'leaders' like Morrison ignore human rights and animal rights in China if even their eating habits have a catastrophic effect on Australia?

Chinese farm cockroaches and they actually drink potions made from them. They also eat bats.
This article proves Chinese caught COVID19 from bats and that there are thousands more viruses where COVID came from. How much more misery are the pathetic 'leaders' in the West prepared to inflict on their people?

Like the bushfires of last summer, Australians do not want to return to so-called 'normal'. For Australia to be economically dependent on a hostile foreign power with an alien moral, legal and political system is a massive breach of our national security. Why are people not being punished for working against Australia's national security?

Corrupt Aussie Government Runs-Out Of Test Kits Then Covers It Up

So the Aussie taxpayer has to fund a $715 million assistance package for airlines while the country that started the pandemic cashes-in by selling COVID test kits to the government? Is this what the Morrison wankers call 'capitalism'? Just like the Communists, Morrison is hiding vital information about the pandemic such as the fact most of Australia has run-out of test kits.

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