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21 Mar 2020

How Communist China Caused The Global COVID-19 Pandemic

The Chinese doctor who first alerted medics to COVID19, Dr Li Wenliang was arrested in Wuhan by order of Communist Party officials. He was charged with 'spreading false rumours' and forced to sign a police document admitting that he had 'seriously disrupted social order.

Dr Li Wenliang now deceased
Dr Li later contracted the virus and died in February 2020. Communist authorities held a fake inquiry into his wrongful arrest and he was cleared posthumously. A few local police were 'reprimanded' for arresting Dr Li.

While the totalitarian Chinese were attempting to keep a lid on COVID-19 it was spreading in Hubei Province and then around the globe.

Quarantine and isolation was not implemented immediately as you can see from the facts concerning Dr Li's arrest. The COVID-19 global pandemic was caused by Communist dictator Xi Jinping and his obedient underlings letting the virus multiply why they played control games with an innocent doctor.

Is Scott Morrison A Chinese Asset?

Morrison transferred hundred of thousands of hectares of Australia to Communist China while on the Foreign Investment Review Board. He is a personal friend of communist agent Gladys Liu and may have been enlisted by Liu.

Inside Tasmania accepts it is totally implausible that an 'Australian' of sound mind could not remember their membership of high-level Communist propaganda units one of which was for more than a decade.
If Lui is experiencing mental blackouts why is she a parliamentarian?
This is why we are convinced she is a communist agent. After all, planting agents, hacking and stealing critical information are all the tools in trade of Xi Jinpings evil empire.

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