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10 Mar 2020

Morrison Allows Chinese Students In - 2 Weeks Later High Schools Are Closing

On February 22 the Morrison government eased COVID19 travel restrictions on year 11 and 12 students from Communist China.

According to Education Minister Dan Tehan 'It is incredibly important that we get some normality back into the international student market'. This is code for 'the schools are losing bucket loads of money'.

Note we are talking about the Australian education system here? Somehow our education system has morphed into an extension of the Communist Chinese education system.

By March 9 many schools were closing particularly in Sydney due to COVID19.
We are told 'temporary school closures will become the norm in the next few weeks'.

Sadly, this 'text book' incompetence has become the norm for Australian conservatives. They always put short term gain ahead of the welfare of the nation. We are an island and if we can stop refugee boats we could have stopped COVID19 as well. Ironically, the education system will now lose more money than it would have if travel bans were kept in place.

That's a big statement so what does it mean? It means both systems are exploiting weaknesses in each other for their economic benefit while ignoring human rights violations and in the case of COVID19 animal rights violations.
So the common ground between Crony Capitalism and Crony Communism is abusing people and animals.

Example: Why is the Australian education system dependant on people who farm cockroaches?
Why are we economically dependent on a country that is totally unable to control it's own unsustainable population? What has happened is Communist China has dragged the rest of the planet into a biological and economic crisis. They infected us, we didn't infect them.

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