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21 Feb 2020

Tasmanian Liberals Real Enemy Is Not The Bob Brown Foundation - It's Coronavirus

Conservatives have been in government in Tassie for 6 years. In that time they have been building-up to a confrontation with environmentalists over, you guessed it, native forest logging.

Whats the real story?
Most of the 'war on greenies' is just local election propaganda. The real issue is the Tasmanian government is bankrupt due to being canibalised by it's own pension schemes (that also cover forestry and hydro). Looks like nobody did the maths when these opportunistic pension schemes were being set-up.

The more bankrupt they got the more they relied on a steady cash flow from Communist China. The commies were sending their kids here for an 'education' minus the commie brainwashing that would be applied back home.
The commies marveled at lavender teddy bears and real milk and something that smells like democracy in Tasmania. Isn't it wonderful?

Now coronavirus is knocking the stuffing out of the Liberals dream economy.
(if only everybody had a resource laden island where they had exterminated the original people?)
The fact is, the Liberals are so dysfunctional and shallow they are forced to use communism to prop-up their entire economy. It still hasn't dawned on these 'pseudo-free market capitalists'. The Liberals are as capitalist as Mao Zedong.

Morrison will expose Australians to corona virus because he is a career psychopath
Maybe you thought Australian schools and universities were built to educate Australians? Wrong. In the 'Morrison Psychopath Era' our universities are consumer products for Communist Chinese, even if they pose a serious medical threat to Australians.

Scott Morrison displayed his psychopathy with his edict that Australians burned-out this summer should 'get used to it'.
Morrison puts Liberal fossil fuel donors before the Australian people and he will put commie cash before the health of Australians as well.

Lets look at the distorted mechanics of 'commie cash'? China can harvest money from capitalist democracies because China is a totalitarian dictatorship with no elections or human rights. They hold an advantage over the 'free world'. They can use slave labor with workers on the job for 18 hours a day because they don't have unions. Nobody can buy their currency but they can buy ours. This puts Chinese commies at an advantage over democracies.

Morrison in his simplistic stupidity, recognised this and elevated commies above Australians. Why are Aussie taxpayers funding 14 day quarantine periods for Chinese students? Incredibly, we now discover the COVID 19 incubation period is 27 days.  If any Australians contract COVID 19 because of Scott Morrison, form a class action and sue him personally.

welcome to Beijing

We don't want Communist Chinese in Tasmania
To Tasmanian tourist operators. Is you cash more important than your life? Corona is today spreading thru the commie prison system and is hitting Beijing hard.
The commies have even had to cancel their 'National People's Congress' in March which is proof not only that their system doesn't work but it's actually turned on them.
Pretty hard for apex dictator Xi Jinping to whinge about other nations slamming the door on China when his own regime has done the same? China is moving closer to unraveling completely.

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