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17 Jan 2020

Morrison Has No Right To Force Us To Adapt To His Climate

 'Morrison-Induced Climate Change'

Scott Morrison Is The World's Number One Coal Exporter

Australia is the Earth's biggest coal exporter and the No3 fossil fuel exporting nation according to government data. (how did the Murdoch press miss that little fact?) Australia is suffering 'Morrison-Induced Climate Change'.

After catastrophic drought and bushfires Morrison announces he will spend taxpayers money forcing Australians to adapt to man made climate change.

Wasn't Morrison elected to represent Australians, not corporate coal and oil interests? How can he use the climate change victims own taxes to subsidise big corporations trashing the Earth's climate? This is totally perverse and completely outside of the Australian Constitution.

When has an Australian Prime Minister used Federal taxes to underwrite a handful of global corporations and told people they need to accept the fact he is changing the climate? 
Who does this arrogant and corrupt ideologue think he represents?

As the Worlds No1 coal exporter, Morrison is on record saying 'climate change is a global issue'. That's a lie because he is causing more climate change than anyone else on Earth. No wonder the guilt-ridden bastard has to turn to religion and alcohol to escape his own conscience? He watched caring people donate $500 million to his victims, knowing just a few billionaires are profiting from their misery. That is an absolute disgrace and Morrison is an absolute traitor to the Australian people.

Serious Constitutional Issues

Morrison used extraordinary executive powers on his return from Hawaii.
How can Morrison use the military to protect the population from the results of his own actions? This is an ongoing disaster that Morrison is causing as a result of being the planets largest coal exporter.
How can the use of the military in a man-made disaster be valid under the Australian Constitution?

Morrison does not have unlimited spending powers. He appeared to have decided by himself he would fund 'Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change'. How can he spend federal revenue on a problem he is causing at the same time?
Of course none of this is in the Constitution or been tested by the High Court.
This is Scott Morrison, a guy with a geography degree, freelancing on the Constitution and the Earth's climate. Name one Liberal member with a science degree?

There is a lot of legal information concerning 'natural disasters' but very little about 'man-made disasters'. This could definitely impact insurance claims. Are you covered for any loss caused by 'Morrison Induced Climate Change'?




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Anonymous said...

Nice article, Thank you. Will someone please test in the High court ?
And what about the separation of powers, I thought that was also in the constitution.
Can you be PM and be a member of a religious sect, donating 10% of your gross to said sect ?