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22 Jan 2020

Target Shooting With Bridget MacKenzie

Scott 'I believe in miracles' Morrison buys an election with our money

'Sports Rorts' is pathetic on many levels. The fact sport grants could even win an election in Australia. What a nation of brain-dead phuktards? Morrison's corrupt Liberal-Neanderthals also entered candidates with fake election posters written in Chinese WTF? Another LNP scam is to export sitting senators to lucrative ambassadorial appointments and replace them with people who had never been elected. Mitch Fifield and Arthur Sonodinis are 2 elected members 'disappeared' by the corrupt Liberal government. Unbelievably, LNP voters are so brainwashed they accept this crap.

All of this is from a guy who pretends to be a 'christian'. Scott Morrison has degraded his religion (if that's possible) by turning 'scams' into 'miracles'.

Target shooting with Bridget

Inside Tasmania accurately predicted the resignation of Bridget McKenzie on January 22. She resigned 13 days later

It's line ball at the moment but it is possible Morrison will destroy any remaining faith in government in Australia. It was less than a month ago when we awarded Morrison 'Psychopath of the Year'.
Psychopaths generally destroy the organisations and institutions they are exploiting. If using public cash to bankroll your own sport club is not a 'conflict of interest' then Morrison will have to tell Australia what is.

None of this will make much sense to readers outside of Australia. We have a permanently corrupt conservative government who are always freeloading at public expense. It's the exact reason Federal government debt in Australia is close to $1trillion. The latest installment is Minister Bridget McKenzie who gave a taxpayer-funded grant to her own clay target shooting club.

This is an almost incomprehensible quote from PM Morrison:

"I was happy to see the Nationals deal with these matters as quickly as possible as they did so we could get the focus very quickly back on to the importance of yesterday, which was to honour certainly and firstly, those who lost their lives in these terrible fires and many of the families of those who’d fallen in Australia’s name were able to be there and get that comfort and support, but also to honour all of those who certainly continue to serve to this day, that Michael McCormack has made it clear this morning that he, you know, he’s apologised, that there was that event yesterday morning, but they dealt with it quickly. And we’ve got back straight on the job as we never departed from as, in the government."
from the Guardian.
In our view Scott Morrison killed these firefighters with systematic climate denialism. 

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