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9 Jan 2020

Worlds Biggest Coal Exporter Catches Fire - Australia Burned Alive By The Coal Industry

Australia, the Worlds Number 1 coal exporter caught fire in 2019-2020 with 2019 the driest year ever recorded in Australia as well as the hottest.

Billionaire sleaze-bag Gautam Adani and enablers
Australia's coal-fondling prime minister was dragged kicking and screaming back from a Honolulu cocktail bar to confront this disaster. Eventually Scott Morrison admitted the devastation was caused by climate change, but he's not going to do anything about it. In fact Morrison and his psychopathic News Corp mates want everybody to forget about the fires and go back to raping the planet. That is not going to happen this time.

The Donations
Many big name Hollywood A-listers donated to Celeste Barber's Facebook campaign, totaling $48 million at time of writing. 
BHP is the biggest on the list of major Australian coal producers. BHP donated $2 million, a fraction of what Barber's campaign raised and just twice as much as rock band Metallica. No other coal miners donated.

A big donation from Andrew Forrest that dilutes down to more investigation of what we already know about climate change, drought and bushfires. Forrest has grown rich building-up the Chinese Communist Party War Machine with Australian iron ore.
He is compromised by his China agenda. 

No donations from billionaire Indian creep Gautam Adani or any of Morrisons Maoist friends in the People's Republic (the member for Beijing Gladys Liu is missing in action already.)   

Inside Tasmania is totally opposed to the economic serfdom being imposed by China and India on Australia. That's why we are in direct conflict with the LNP coalition.

India has the Earths biggest mountain range in it's backyard so why isn't Australia helping India build hydro electric capacity? Actually why should we help them at all? There are way too many Indians on the planet and we are just setting ourselves up for disaster.

Cloud Seeding
Why has Scott Morrison ignored cloud seeding to end Australia's catastrophic drought? His Communist Chinese buddies have tens of thousands of people engaged in weather modification so why not Scott?

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