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6 Dec 2019

Scott Morrison's Total Failure Of Leadership During The Drought And Fires Of 2019

In 2019 the island continent of Australia had experienced years of catastrophic drought and then burned for months on end. Prime Minister Scott Morrison could give no explanation of why this was happening. He was abused by the public on a rare visit to a bushfire evacuation center. He has retreated into his Hillsong Church world of delusion.

On track for Psychopath of the Year 2019

As 'leader' of Australia, Morrison has a duty of care to the people of Australia. Instead Morrison spreads lies and misinformation about climate change and bushfires without expertise in these areas. He claims there is no link between the nations greenhouse emissions and the severity of fires.

That is a complete lie because Australia's emissions include all the coal we export because that coal is mined only to be burned. Where it is burned makes no difference to the Earth's climate.
Morrison is a total liability for Australia. He has very corrupt and dubious operatives in his government like Angus Taylor, Mathias Conman and the member for Beijing Gladys Lui.

What is unbelievable about Morrison is why the hell did he have to join a church founded by a pedophile?
In the 'Me Too' era this is a step too far. Like Tony Abbott visiting convicted pedophile George Pell in prison. Do these nutjobs live in the 21st century or in the Middle Ages?

Morrison looks like our choice for 'Psychopath of the Year 2019'. Stay tuned.

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