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28 Nov 2019

Xi Jinping - The Worlds Biggest Hypocrite 虚伪 伪善


虚伪 伪善
This hypocrite is ruthlessly crushing a 'democracy movement' in Hong Kong yet claims he was elected for life in a democratic poll.
Have a look at the results:
That's nearly 3,000 votes for and only 2 against. This is what the Maoist 'picture writers' call an election? China failed to develop a 'symbolic alphabet' and are stuck with a hieroglyphic writing system like the ancient Egyptians. 

This is why Communist Chinese can't communicate complex ideas or even emotions. It's a matter of time before Communist China destroys itself because they have no ecological or moral conscience. Their language is so narrow it prevents them from feeling responsible for the planet they are polluting with shear numbers. All they believe in is 'eat, reproduce and die '. 

Name one thing Communist China invented in the modern era? 

All of communist China's thinking was stolen from the West including communism itself. In trying to bury China's real heritage, the communists became obsessed with Western culture. Their military parades are inspired by early 20th Century European fascism. Communist Chinese are too dull to have invented communism themselves and are the last to know it doesn't work. 

But what of their fake emperor Xi Jinping? Have the Chinese people put a price on his head yet? With a lifetime term as emperor of China the only way they can get rid of him is to shoot him. You can bet none of those android soldiers at Xi's infantile parades carries a loaded gun?

The problem for the human race is there are too many Chinese. 1.4 billion people in any country is beyond the carrying capacity of this planet. They have changed our climate and sucked-up our resources. This era of mindless totalitarian cancer must be bought to a close.

Everybody who supplies the retarded communist Chinese regime is anti-life and anti-civilisation.
Here's looking at you Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman. You thought you could prop-up your bankrupt state using a totalitarian dictatorship but that strategy looks more like treason. 

Look at the guy on the left? The mindless pawn of a dictatorship of 1.4 billion communists. No brains, no conscience, no values. This is the face of overpopulated totalitarianism. 

They exploit cash-strapped democracies around the globe to further their regime. Places like Tasmania that have been bankrupted by it's own government pension scheme are the communists hapless victims.

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