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13 Dec 2019

Brazil Must Remove Jair Bolsonaro

Countries Blocking Climate Progress - US, Brazil, China, Australia. The same countries Inside Tasmania has been attacking in 2019.

It's obvious the people of our planet now act as an 'immune system' to stop the complete destruction of the Earth's ecosystems.
Corrupt dictators who have declared war on the environment are in the cross hairs of the masses. The foremost of those dictators is evil fascist German-Italian Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro claims to be a conservative christian (many of them do) but is actually a corrupt opportunist exploiting the illiterate and gullible Brazilian population.

That makes him similar to other narcissistic dictators around the globe like Xi Jinping, Putin, Trump, Duterte, and Morrison. Even Adolph Hitler was 'democratically elected' so how these dictators got there is insignificant. It's what they do that counts.

At left we see pompous half-wit Bolsonaro. With a 'distinguished' military career in a country that has never been at war, except with itself, he has declared war on the Amazon basin and the indigenous people that live there. As usual, Bolonaro is doing this for economic reasons so he can sell the timber and convert jungle into beef paddocks for the communist Chinese swarm. These eco-fascists are as 'capitalist' as Chairman Mao aren't they? They routinely prop-up debt-ridden 'democracies' with the brutal totalitarian regime of China.

People like Bolsonaro often attack women and the weak. He called Greta Thunberg a brat so we are working to have him removed from office. There has already been one assassination attempt made on this piece of far-right garbage but to us it seems appropriate he dies by poison blow pipe. What do you think? After all, the 'lungs of the earth' are more important than one wealth-crazed fascist. 


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