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21 Dec 2019

Matt Canavan The Minster For Growing India's Population And Burning Australia

This month the Nationals Matt Canavan told Australia 'The fires have not started due to climate change'.

How does Canavan, an economist, know anything about climate change? What gives him the right to broadcast blatant propaganda for commercial interests? Canavan and the Liberal-Nationals are running a climate disinformation campaign. Canavan's real agenda is to disconnect coal mining from the nightmare climate change is unleashing on Australia.

Canavan thinks it's his duty to support Adani for a few Aussie jobs in a totally automated industry. Canavan is actually growing India's population which will produce unlimited catastrophic climate change in Australia. Canavan is caught in an economic death spiral and we are about to tell you how he got there.

This is Matt Canavan's economic apocalypse in plain English.

FACT. Australia's National Government debt is now approaching one trillion dollars. Amazing for a country of only 24 million people.
FACT. Australia actually went broke supplying the two biggest population explosions in the history of planet Earth - China and India.
FACT. Australia's colonial 'Westminster System' doesn't work. Why? Because it has been subverted into a vehicle for personal career building by politicians using your taxes. They use your money to fund handouts to get themselves re-elected
FACT. Generations of politicians spent your money on pork barrelling schemes, grants, sports grounds, free lunches and the most lucrative parliamentary pension scheme in history using your taxes. When the money ran out they borrowed billions more.
FACT. Interest rates are low because if they were any higher all of your taxes would go to paying interest on Federal government loans. The more debt the government racked-up the lower interest rates went.
FACT. Australia is an economic basket case and it's getting worse.

Now do you see why a totally insane project like a coal mine to grow India's obscene population of 1.36 billion people looks good to Canavan? Does Mathew Canavan like seeing Australians burn to death?

Canavan thinks reducing just a fraction of Federal Government debt is better than growing it further. They all think that. Deep down Matt knows another coal mine will increase government debt because the real price of coal just keeps getting higher and higher.

As his half-assed debt-repayment scheme goes into production, the cost to insurance premiums, dead towns, dead rivers, catastrophic fires and flooded Gold Coast water frontages will soak-up all of Adani's rupees and reduce them to dust. The Morrison Cabinet is stacked with smug, over educated but unintelligent conservative wankers who reinforce each others retarded and disconnected thinking. 

Another LNP member, Michelle Landry (seriously) represents the dry land where Adani want to mine. She has said 'the project was necessary to stop women in India from being forced to cook with cow dung in poorly ventilated huts'.
Why is Landry being paid by the Australian taxpayer to analyse cooking methods in India? Does Landry know why there are 1.36 billion Indians? Obviously cooking with cow dung has not stopped Indians reproducing like rabbits? For Landry to pretend Indians can only cook with dung or Queensland coal proves she is a corrupt imbecile.

The National Party are cow dung specialists. Acting Prime Minister (seriously) Michael McCormack told reporters bushfires are caused by 'self-combusting manure'.
So why are the same farmers McCormack represents burning down Australia with manure? Phuk knows.

One way or another Australia will free itself of these corrupt, conservative maggots and intellectual slime. The process started with Morrisons media blunders and his ham-fisted agenda to slaughter the goose that lays the golden eggs.
Those golden eggs were our forests, rivers, productive farmlands and breathable air. Morrison and his snide buffoons have phuked Australia.

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