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24 Dec 2019

Was The Virgin Birth A Sexual Assault?

The brainwash goes like this. A 'god' entity creates a planet where the majority of species survive by killing and eating something else. Somehow god loses control of this carnivorous nightmare to a 'devil' entity.

To prove a point about this devil entity, god who informed humans he has male sex organs, decides to impregnate a teenage virgin who is already married. So he chooses a virgin and makes her pregnant.

God's plan is to force Mary to give birth to gods son who will act as some kind of messenger before being killed to act as a deterrent to something we haven't worked out.

Look at the complexity of this outlandish plan? Look at the obsession with genitalia? God didn't need to have sex to create a son because he could have created one ready made. No, he had sex with an underage girl who was married without losing her virginity but why?

Why was not losing her virginity important? Did the son have to do this by being born or not? Why did 'Mary' have to worship her own son? How much of this myth was real and how much happened on a metaphysical level? Why was a shape-shifting sex act the basis of a religious teaching? Why was the moral lesson one of bullying, exploitation and sexual desire?

Take a look at the power imbalance of god and a teenage girl? Was Mary in a position to refuse? Of course not. This was coercion and exploitation at it's worst. It was also pedophilia. Is it any wonder the highest catholic in Australia is in prison today? Is it any wonder every christian denomination in the world has been and is involved in child sexual abuse?

They will say this article is the work of the devil, but isn't the pedophilia-virgin birth myth the work of the devil and objective science the work of god?

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