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21 Sept 2019

Man Of Titanium Trumps Man Of Steel Or Does It?

Predictably, Trump has tried to trump George Bush in bestowing a metallurgical value on an Australian Prime Minister.

Old John Howard was just a 'small man' of steel while Morrison was awarded titanium.
In the carefully media-crafted meeting Morrison looked like a 'hostage victim on happy pills' as Trump launched a half hour stream of consciousness press conference covering China, an attack on Iran , Justin Trudeau's brownface and deporting Guantanamo Bay prisoners.

Trump even threatened to trigger an attack on Iran there and then while Mr Titanium just looked awkward.

For metallurgical reasons we investigated the hardest and strongest metals.
'Although titanium has gained a reputation of being an extremely strong material, most steels are stronger. The only advantage titanium has over steel is that it is a much lighter material. When compared to diamond, however, titanium does not come close in strength or hardness.'
Tungsten has a higher tensile strength than titanium but it's extremely brittle.
That could be awarded to our next PM when he (or she?) makes the pilgrimage to the Oval Office.

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