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30 Sept 2019

What Australians Don't Understand About Emperor Xi Jinping

Emperor Xi has just acted-out a massive pantomime celebrating 70 years of so-called 'communist' rule in mainland China. His mega-parade and personality worship is identical to North Koreas' Kim Jong Un. But you could not call this personality-totalitarianism 'communist'. The capitalist elites have been replaced by Xi Jinping and his array of corrupt sycophants.

How fake is Emperor Xi?

If this started as a workers revolution 70 years ago it's now a one man dynastic empire with Xi at it's center.
Xi has hijacked the Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist philosophy and turned it into a his own private empire.

China has had thousands of years of emperors and hundreds of dynasties. Few Australians understand that a Chinese Emperor is a 'celestial emperor' who presides over both heaven and Earth. The seen and the unseen if you will. It also places Beijing as the 'celestial capital' and center of the universe.

By making himself a ruler for life, Xi commenced his own dynasty which gives him unlimited power in China. Because China is not really a communist state but a 'crony capitalist' state in a partially globalised world economy, Emperor Xi sees his power stretching around the globe - his 'belt and road' philosophy.

Tragically, Emperor Xi's totalitarian dictatorship contradicts thousands of years of World political thinking. The World has moved towards democracy, not away from it.
Emperor Xi is as crafty as a snake and is manipulating 1.4 billion people for his own ends. We don't believe Xi has a 'mandate from heaven' to assume emperor status. He's just a common, corrupt totalitarian dictator who should be stopped from spreading his corruption, overpopulation, political censorship and lies around the world.

Nobody from China will ever read this article because scum like Xi block freedom of thought and action. The World does not need Emperor Xi and his mass brainwashing.

Scott Morrison's Maoist buddies steal vital academic records from the Australian National University.
In the last few years we have watched as the totalitarian behemoth has hacked into and compromised scores of critical Australian government computer systems including Parliament House Canberra.
In response we see Morrison busting his guts to get a Beijing operative elected to the Liberal benches in Canberra. What a joke?

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