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12 Sept 2019

Liberals Manage To Get A Chinese Agent Elected To Parliament

Is Gladys Liu managing Morrison's response to the brutal crack-down in Hong Kong? Probably.

In our view Lui is a pro-Beijing party operative with a definite job to do in our Parliament.

Did Chine play a role in the May election that saw 'Maoist Morrison's Miraculous' victory? Given they hacked Parliament House and read everybody's emails it sure looks like they did.  

Australians have realised their Prime Minister is a national security risk.

Liberal MP Gladys Liu claimed to not remember belonging to a Communist Chinese propaganda unit but it turns out she belonged to three of them.

The election of Gladys Liu is alleged to have breached the electoral act after her campaign imitated Australian Electoral Commission material. A case has been lodged with the High Court.
This seems insignificant compared to the massive security breach of having a Communist Party operative inside Parliament.

Scott Morrison 'Racist'
"At a visit to the Binna Burra Lodge to survey Queensland fire damage, Morrison was asked why it was “racist” to question Liu’s associations and whether it was racist of him to have labelled Labor’s Sam Dastyari “Shanghai Sam”.
Morrison told reporters: “I didn’t use either of those phrases".
Scott Morrison lied.

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