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9 Feb 2019

Will Hodgman Helping To Build Chinese Military Bases Inside Australian Antarctic Territory

Will Hodgman has been actively helping to build Chinese military bases in Antarctica for nearly 5 years.

Is the Chinese Communist Party funding the Tasmanian Liberal Party?

Thanks to Mandarin-speaking China expert Anne-Marie Brady we learn China has built 3 military bases inside the Australian Antarctic territory. Brady has been harassed and intimidated in New Zealand by Hodgman's Communist buddies in an attempt to silence her.

After signing the secret 'Antarctic Gateway Cooperation' agreement with China in 2014, Will Hodgman is now a spokesperson and defender of the totalitarian regime. China is fronted by a megalomaniac who has given himself power for life and Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman is a Chinese asset.

Will Hodgman likes to crow about Hobart as the 'gateway to Antarctica' but 'Beijing regards the polar regions as vital domains for fishing and shipping and hopes to exploit their rich reserves of energy and minerals. It also plans to use its activities there to grow China’s global influence.'

It's obvious Will Hodgman is just a pawn used to further Chinese global military ambitions. The narrative is not just about totalitarianism but about 1.42 billion people and their massive ecological footprint, something on a scale the world has never seen before.

China is extremely secretive about it's Antarctic bases and Will Hodgman is extremely secretive about the agreements he signed with China. Hodgman is also secretive about who funds his election campaigns. With the weakest political donation disclosure laws in Australia, Hodgman cannot explain $3million in donations. We surmise Communist China is covertly funding the Tasmanian Liberal Party.

Important Questions Will Hodgman Must Answer
Did you accept cash from China or not?
When did you know about the 3 Chinese military bases in Australian Antarctic Territory?
Do you use your own Mandarin interpreters or ones provided by the Chinese Communist Party?
Who wrote the 'Antarctic Gateway Cooperation Agreement' you or the Chinese Communist Party?
Who read the Mandarin version of the agreement, your interpreter or theirs?
What were you promised in return for agreeing to help build the military bases?
Who initiated the 'Antarctic Gateway Cooperation Agreement' the Tasmanian Government or the Chinese Communist Party?
Do you as a Hobart-trained lawyer support Chinese re-education prisons and forced organ removals?
Do you support the invasion of Tibet?
Do you support the annexation of Taiwan?
Do you support a totalitarian system with no elections?
Do you support unlimited populations?

We doubt the gutless Will Hodgman will answer one of these questions. In our view Will Hodgman is undermining Australian national security. ASIO must act to prevent this in the national interest.

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