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19 Feb 2019

Mathias Conman And The Singapore Holiday Bribe

Mathias Conman claims he had no idea he was given a free trip to Singapore for his entire family by the same company he awarded a multi billion dollar contract to a few weeks later. Coincidentally, that company was owned by a Liberal mate. This is no mere conflict of interest this was a bribe.

Conman in the middle
The Mathias Conman bribe reminds us of the Arthur Sinodinos affair when Sinodinos told ICAC he was unaware of a $74,000 donation made to the Liberal Party by Australian Water Holdings, despite being Deputy Chairman on a $200,000 salary. At the time of the payment Sinodinos was also Treasurer of the Liberal Party.

LNP politicians exposed acting corruptly never show any remorse. In their tiny brains they think their corruption is helping the party to keep the 'socialists' out of power, yet the LNP are constantly doing dirty deals with communist China. Conman and Sinodinos's behavior is corruption pure and simple. They are prepared to send other Australians to prison for the same crimes they commit themselves. In their arrogance and psychopathy they assume they are above the law.

It's probable all big Liberal contracts (such as Paladin) awarded post Malcolm Turnbull are corrupt.

Our Chinese mates hacked our prehistoric computer system

ScoMo (SociopathicMoron) Scott Morrison revealed his parliamentary computers were hacked by a 'state actor'.
The fact ScoMo used the term 'antivirus' proves they must be using Windows servers because Unix systems don't need antivirus protection. No surprises here from the idiots that refuse to use secure Unix systems at all levels of government. The fact most Unix software is free proves how much the LNP love to waste Australian taxes. Chief government IT nerd Alistair McGibbon (is he really named after a monkey?) is left to explain all this bullcrap to the tech-savvy but drug-phuked Aussie populace.

The 'state actors' here are the Peoples Republic of China that run the Port of Darwin and have compromised many Liberals. People like Will Hodgman and Andrew Robb.
The LNP wankers are in a sado-masochistic relationship with communist China and they are being out-thought by the Maoists at every turn.

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