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9 Feb 2019

Parliament Cyber Attack Was Revenge For Denied Citizenship Bid

Huang and Xi Jinping

Australia recently denied citizenship and blocked permanent residency to billionaire Chinese lobbyist Huang Xiangmo. Huang is a very big donor to both major parties in Australia and was directly responsible for the downfall of Sam Dastyari.

'Mr Huang was also president of a Communist Party-aligned body charged with promoting its interests - the Australian Council for the Promotion of the Peaceful Reunification of China.

One of his companies poured $50,000 into a fundraising organisation linked to former trade minister Andrew Robb, he paid $55,000 to dine with Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, while Mr Huang also helped establish an Australia-China research body headed by former NSW premier Bob Carr.'

To become a billionaire in China requires the total support of the Communist Party. Huang is a high-level communist apparatchik and the totalitarian regime and its megalomaniac dictator Xi Jinping had to send Canberra a clear message. Huang also wants his money back.

The cyber attack on the Australian Parliament was reported on February 8 2019 and China was blamed immediately. This is why:
'Beijing has an entire military unit tasked with carrying out these sorts of actions — the People's Liberation Army Unit 61398, a covert operation blamed in 2014 for stealing secrets from US companies.'

'In 2015, Beijing was blamed for attacking Australia's Bureau of Meteorology. The BOM is a rich vein of data which is directly relevant to this nation's agriculture and wider economy.'
'In 2013, Four Corners reported that hackers using a server in China had stolen the blueprints of domestic spy agency ASIO's new headquarters in Canberra'. We recommend those interested in Australia's national security read the background on Chinese government hacking

Inside Tasmania is convinced the broader reason China broke into the Parliament web servers is because of the Turnbull government's 'foreign influence laws' which came into effect on January 1 2019.

China's goal in Australia and much of the world is to expand influence and ensure the survival of it's grossly unsustainable population of 1.4 billion people.

In Australia we desex cats and dogs to protect the environment, while the unfettered growth of India and China is destroying the environment of the entire planet. We are getting closer to devoting most of our GDP to combating climate change and we are now victims of uncontrolled population growth. Admit it's true?

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