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12 Aug 2018

Abortion Scandal Caused By Hodgman's Top Adviser

UPDATE The Payout and Confidentiality Agreement
Cricket Tasmania has backed-down from a Federal Court case they would have lost and paid Angela Williamson an undisclosed sum.
Given this was caused by Premier Hodgman, why did Cricket Tasmania use it's members money to prop-up the bizarre religious dogma of Hodgmans Party? Or did the money actually come from Hodgman hidden as a 'grant'? This is corrupt Tasmania after all?

The 'Tasmanian Abortion Sacking' Was Caused By Will Hodgman's Top
Adviser 6 Months Ago
Inside Tasmania discovered the sacking of Angela Williamson was caused by
Premier Will Hodgman's principal adviser Martine Haley's fake Twitter and Facebook accounts.
The ABC broke this story in March 2018.
"A chief Liberal adviser used a fake online account in an apparent attempt to have a woman reprimanded by her employer for speaking out about a lack of abortion services in Tasmania".
"Documents showed the email account was even used to send photos of a woman's comments on Twitter about abortion to her employer". 
This must have been the Angela Williamson case or is Hodgman's government so demented they have been destroying other womens lives as well? 
Did Martine Haley do the anti-abortion trolling while in Hodgman's office and was she being paid by the taxpayer to do it? That's easy to find out. 
Will Hodgman is looking more and more incompetent and psychopathic (slit your wrists) every day. Last week we revealed Hodgman's father Michael Hodgman failed to report the Hutchins School pedophile ring to police.

Photo Paul Scrambler The Examiner

Health Minister Ferguson, Lets Talk About Abortion
We have seen media reports about how Tasmania does not have abortion clinics because apparently you don't believe in abortion. In our idiotic political system there is supposed to be a line between church and state but we all know it doesn't exist.

Lets have a 'theological discussion'?
You are on record saying 'make your pollies feel uncomfortable' about abortion. OK, lets do just that? You claim to be 'Christian' yet the 'Bible' doesn't even mention the word 'abortion'. If 'abortion' is important to Christians then why isn't it in the Bible?
Obviously, there has been some real manipulation regarding what Christians are being told to believe. It appears all rational discussion is being suppressed by over-zealous people identifying as 'Christian'.

Just like 'abortion', there are no kangaroos or emus in the Bible, yet they are on the Australian coat of arms.
This appears to be because the people who wrote the Bible didn't know the Australian continent existed. Yet those writers claimed to be either inspired by or recording the 'word of God'. Therefore, 'God' had a good reason for not telling them other continents existed. Which raises two interesting points. God was either protecting the Australian continent from invaders, or didn't think they should know about Australia at all.

Lets expand on those 2 points? If God thought Australia must remain unknown, then why are you a health minister in Australia? Shouldn't you be a health minister somewhere mentioned by God in the Bible?
If God was trying to protect the Australian continent from invaders (like yourself) then why are you defying the 'word of God' by living here?

So according to the Bible you are defying the 'word of God'. As well as that, you have taken it on yourself to condemn a medical procedure even though you are not a doctor and the Bible does not even mention it.

The point I am making is that these are all your contradictions. They don't even exist in the 'real world'. You are projecting your unsubstantiated delusions onto the very people you claim to 'represent'. Do you even know what your job is or do you just invent some feverish apparition and start to enforce it?

We are surrounded by technology and today people demand to have rational explanations of events and ideas. You have provided no rational explanation of your ideas on abortion at all. You may as well be health minister in Disneyland.

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