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11 Aug 2018

Coal Mining Uses Huge Amounts of Electricity - The Liberal Lawyers Are Lying Again

electric dragline removing overburden

The Liberal Lawyers like Abbott, Turnbull and Frydenberg are lying about coal mining. Along with their corrupt Queensland LNP partners they are out to mislead the Australian public.

This sucker uses 27 megawatts of power

Draglines and overburden conveyor bridges used in coal mining are the largest vehicles on Earth and use huge amounts of electricity. In the early days switching-on a dragline would black-out half of Queensland. The Krupp Bagger 288 consumes 16.56 megawatts of electricity continuously.

In Australia this power comes from the network mix of generators including the Snowy Mountains, rooftop solar, Hydro Tasmania and fossil fuel-powered generators.

The proposed Adani Carmichael mine will supply Indian power plants with electricity for up to 100 million people. It has nothing to do with Australian domestic consumption.

Australia has enough electric capacity for our domestic needs but the Liberal Lawyers have to export the coal to repay debt. That's the real situation. All of the 'developed' nations are drowning in debt and have mortgaged themselves centuries into the future.

Have a look at the 3 'debt clocks' on our links above to see how catastrophic this debt has become. It's also why interest rates are held low and people's savings earn zilch.

The government orders government department the Reserve Bank to hold interest rates low so the government doesn't use 100% of your taxes to pay interest on loans. (forget the principle they're busting their guts to just pay interest)

British-born lawyer Tony Abbott probably wants to use the revenue from projects like Carmichael to repay government debt. That is debt signed-off by politicians like Tony Abbott, not the 'mums and dads' of Australia. The horrendous consequence of this insane thinking is that suddenly hundreds of millions of Indians can continue reproducing to increase their current 1.3 billion people. Already billions of Asians have destroyed the Earth's climate producing astronomical amounts of greenhouse gases.

Australia is run by incompetent lawyers who refuse to acknowledge cause and effect. All we need to remember in Australia when their mouths are moving is one word - DEBT. Lawyer Malcolm Turnbull's 'pumped hydro' is just 'pumping shit uphill'. That's his best thinking.

Developed nations are going to have to default on all debt or face annihilation at the hands of an Asian-altered climate.

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