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4 Aug 2018

How The Tasmanian Liberals Killed Somebody For Shoplifting

Contains disturbing content.
This tragic story completed a theory we have about the British legal system that was transported to Tasmania in the 1800's. That system is maintained today by some very sick alleged psychopaths in Will Hodgman's government. We will return to this theory after the following shocking story.

From the ABC
Marjorie's Law audio
The mother of Martin Harwood, who identified as Marjorie, said she always knew her child was "different".
She said Marjorie, who she still referred to as Marty despite acknowledging she was a transgender woman, turned to alcohol and crime after enduring years of bullying.
Ms Harwood said Marjorie was in and out of jail several times and went back to Hobart's Risdon Prison about a year ago.
"And I used to say to the magistrate 'can you please put him somewhere safe'," she said.
She alleged while in prison, Marjorie was gang raped by a group of men and hospitalised, and that the injuries were so significant Marjorie needed a colostomy bag.

"He said 'Mum, they raped me. Five of them," Ms Harwood said.
A spokesman for the Tasmania Prison Service said allegations of serious offences were referred directly to Tasmania Police for investigation.
Police have no record of the alleged rape, which was never reported.
Last month Marjorie, 38, died from kidney failure.
Ms Harwood said Marjorie had kidney disease since she was a child, but after the alleged rape she lost the will to live. "The doctor offered him dialysis numerous times," she said.
"[Marjorie said] 'no I don't want dialysis mum I want to die'. That is hard for a mother to accept."

Inherent in the British legal system is the notion that punishment must exceed the crime by many orders of magnitude. That's how 75,000 Brits were transported to Tasmania for minor 'offenses' like stealing a handkerchief or a loaf of bread. Meanwhile, an entire race was being 'ethnically cleansed' in Tasmania, orchestrated by the depraved British. Nobody was ever charged with murder for killing Aborigines in Tasmania. (add a comment if you disagree, all agree so far)

Also inherent to the British legal system is the assumption that 'sentencing' will include additional punishment like being bashed and raped in jail. The Brits are completely obsessed with judging, punishing and convicting people for breaches of their infantile class system. A system perpetuated in totality by the Tasmanian Liberal Party.

It's often alleged pedophilia is a requirement of Britain's ruling elite. For some perverse reason Tasmania's British colonial heritage is celebrated and glorified by the Tasmanian Liberal Party.
Men in frocks and wigs pass judgment on men in frocks and crucifixes that rape children in churches.
The 'Anglican' cult have been forced to sell 76 churches in Tasmania because they spent decades raping children.
How many cases of religious pedophilia ever saw justice in Tasmania and why were they covered-up?

Will Hodgman's Father Failed To Report Hutchins Pedophile Ring To The Police 
Premier Hodgmen attended a school that hid a pedophile ring for decades. In evidence given to a royal commission, an ex-teacher said half the staff at Hutchins were pedophiles. Will Hodgman's father Michael Hodgman advised the teacher to 'say nothing' about the pedophile ring at Hutchins. Interestingly, this appears similar to what the Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson was charged with.
Alleged architect of Tasmania's toothless 'Integrity Commission' Jim Wilkinson also attended Hutchins School.
Nobody ever faced justice over the Hutchins School pedophile ring.
Liberal Senator Eric Abetz's children attended a religious school where sexual abuse occurred. Notice a pattern here? It appears politicians who are 'monarchists' often attended schools with active pedophile rings or covered-up pedophile rings.

We allege Hodgman is controlled by extreme religious 'fundamentalists' in his own party. We allege this fundamentalist 'cult' are opposed to abortion, voluntary euthanasia, gay marriage, but most of all people having free will. Their entire reality is based on controlling other people. It appears these pathetic, brainwashed, and deluded individuals have imposed a 'theocracy' in Tasmania. They often have cheerful facebook pages but in reality are members of an an alleged 'Armageddon cult'. It appears they want to achieve an 'end of the world' for their own demented reasons.

One way they do this is by growing the population. Woman are forced to have many babies without contraception. They deny abortion while children were sexually abused and the perpetrators rarely faced justice. Just selling churches is not going to stop this 'pedophile cult'. Tasmania is a giant black smear across the fabric of Australian society, if not civilisation itself.

Update. "Queensland police have confirmed detectives are reviewing new evidence that has come to light against former governor-general Peter Hollingworth". Hollingworth was appointed by Liberal PM John Howard. Why are there such persistent and strong links between the Liberal Party and pedophile rings? Are the Liberal Party concealing a pedophile ring?

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