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5 Jul 2018

Why The Australian Government Bribed Kleptocrat Najib Razak

Now that Malaysia's serial kleptocrat Razak Najib has been arrested, Inside Tasmania has important questions for the Australian Government.

Securency International
Back in 2012 a whistleblower told a Melbourne court explosive allegations concerning systematic bribery of foreign officials. "eight former executives of Reserve Bank subsidiaries Securency and Note Printing Australia (NPA) are charged with foreign bribery offences.
The charges include paying alleged kickbacks in the form of inflated commissions worth millions of dollars to foreign agents and officials, including a Malaysian arms dealer, to secure bank-note contracts overseas."  The Reserve Bank of Australia is Australia's central bank and owned by the Commonwealth.

Wikileaks and the Suppression Order 
In July 2014 the Supreme Court of Victoria issued an extraordinary suppression order covering-up the names of officials bribed by the Reserve Bank. One of them is Najib Razak. Another is Mahathir Mohamed the man who replaced him as well as the current president of Indonesia. The list makes interesting reading.
Soon after Wikileaks published the suppression order in full.
The suppression order is between 'The Queen' which essentially means the Australian Government. Reporters Without Borders said "journalists are even forbidden to mention its very existence".
According to Wikipedia, ' Justice Hollingsworth revoked the suppression order in June 2015'.

The Moral Rights Of Governments Are The Same As Individuals
The Commonwealth of Australia covered-up naming the officials it had bribed on the false grounds of 'national security'. The case was about trade and commerce not about national security so why did the state have to lie about it's motives? The Commonwealth regularly prosecutes individuals for illegal activities yet provides itself with a get out of jail card. Believe it or not Australia has laws protecting whistleblowers but in practice our corrupt, colonial, imperialist legal system protects the criminals.

The Australian Government Is Still Doing It 
In June 2018 "A former spy who exposed an Australian bugging operation against the tiny nation of East Timor has been charged with criminal offences along with his lawyer, independent MP Andrew Wilkie has sensationally revealed in Parliament."
Again the corrupt Liberal neo-colonialists will claim this case is about 'national security' when it's really only about economics. What these politicians don't understand is that a moral code applies equally, without exclusions. This is the very reason the elitist world view is disintegrating.

Take Away Message 
Like Malaysia we have lost trust in our legal system and our government. They are serial liars and compulsive manipulators. In a Liberal government stacked with lawyers we have put those with the least grasp of reality in charge of running all the things they don't understand - foreign affairs, health, the environment, social services, defence etc. Democracy is extremely fragile because it's simply the haphazard will of the average. It's easy to subvert democracy in a country like Australia...while things are going well. Today things are not going well at all. We have overcrowded cities while the Liberal lawyers pander to the Asian population crisis. We have lost nearly all manufacturing while the Liberal lawyers tell us we can make lattes and scones for each other. Our environment is dying while the Liberal lawyers tell us we need more foreigners mining coal and poisoning farmland. The truth is our Liberal government are simply psychopaths and need to be identified as such.

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