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3 Jun 2018

Grossly Overloaded Taiwanese Ship Loses 83 Shipping Containers Off Australia

UPDATE. Taiwanese shipping company Yang Ming, owners of the YM 'In'Efficiency made no attempt to recover the lost containers. At the time they said they would take 'full responsibility'.  SMH obtained the full container manifest under freedom of information. Read more here.

Reporting on this story has been typical of Australia's naive acceptance of the massively overpopulated Asian countries degrading the quality of life on planet Earth.

They lost 83 12 metre shipping containers 30kms off the East Coast of Australia, but did the Taiwanese expect calm conditions in Southern waters in winter?

Tonnes of sanitary towels, nappies and surgical masks are washing up on NSW beaches after shipping containers began spilling from the stricken ship.

We know Taiwan is the largest buyer of Tasmanian native forest woodchips. A main input in the manufacture of sanitary towels and nappies.
Both China and Taiwan use corrupt local politicians as agents to promote Asian overpopulation and Asian domination of Australia and many other countries.

The main exporter of Tasmanian woodchips to Taiwan do not even have a website. This is an extremely corrupt operation. We suspect Chinese woodchip carriers backload the drug ice into the Australian market.

Both Taiwan and China are 'crony capitalist' nations with unsustainable population explosions impacting the rest of us.

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Thank goodness for Inside Tasmania. One of the few places a person who has been subject to corrupt public servants and corrupt Tasmanian cops can seek refuge online...