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15 Jul 2018

Meet The Tasmanian Minister For Gassing Horses

Almost 6 months ago 16 prized polo ponies were gassed to death on the Bass Straight ferry Spirit of Tasmania. The ferry is operated by government-owned TT Line. The responsible minister for TT Line is Infrastructure Minister Jeremy Rockliff.  (above right)
Now at the end of July, the government investigation into itself has still not revealed what happened.

This is what we read on another Tas website
16 horses were gassed to death at 2.00 am. In the middle of Bass Strait.
A second truckload of horses on the opposite side of the Spirit of Tasmania were not affected. 

Approximately 10 diesel powered refrigerated containers were in use very near to the horses.
Regulations limit the number of refrigerated containers to 2.

So why has it taken 6 months for Jeremy Rockliff to discover nothing? 
The minister investigating what happened is Sarah Courtney Minister for Primary Industry.

Sarah, who appears to live the life of an entitled socialite is the minister responsible for the DPIPWE inquiry that appears to be protecting another incompetent minister.

This is more corruption from people who are so self-absorbed and deluded that they think they will get away with gassing horses.

In light of no other information from the Hodgman government regarding the dead horses we have accepted this version as fact.

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